In another example of how God loves a good joke as much as the rest of us, one of the White victims of the black racist murderer in Fresno turns out to have been a SHARP, a Skinhead Against Racial Prejudice, who liked to use the “punching Nazis” meme on social media. His friends were Mestizos, which are more prominent than blacks in Fresno, and he “didn’t see color”. Well, he did one time, there at the end, when he was mistaken one last time for a White man.

I’ve often said that White liberals are more often the victims of anti-White crimes committed by nonWhites just due to proximity and convenience. Of course, that doesn’t take away from the tragedy of the other three victims, but please, my niggas, if you’re going to shoot White people, shoot the ones you know best, the ones right next to you. Ones like Zackary Randalls.