Intrepid investigators have now determined that the anti-White, masked domestic terrorist who viciously assaulted a peaceful free speech advocate by beating them with a metal U-lock, causing serious head injury, is one other than Eric Clanton, an anti-White California college professor. He should be charged with a felony and fired.

Watch the video of his unprovoked, blind-side attack, and read how he was exposed as the anti-White terrorist HERE.

Of course, he will be defended by anti-White leftists, and probably heralded as a hero. The student-run newspaper for Diablo Valley College is crying that his exposure by 4chan internet activists is ‘harassment’.

DVC professor subject of 4chan harassment

Clanton is scheduled to teach two summer session classes in Philosophy there, one of which is called ‘Logic and Critical Thinking’, if he isn’t arrested before then. The victim in his assault has expressed interest in filing charges. Perhaps Eric’s critical thinking skills will be improved by being repeatedly anally raped by niggers in jail. Or, he might like it, who knows?

Alternatively, he could just go free, and the next time one of these anti-White thugs assaults one of us, they could just get shot right through their handkerchiefs. Either way.

When I did demonstrations in DC and on the East Coast, we used to have a chant: “Oy Vey, here’s a task, Commie scum take off your masks!”

But if you don’t wanna, it’s okay, we’ll do it for you.

Kudos to 4chan patriots for the doxx.