by Billy Roper

So insane are brainwashed anti-Whites that they can never find any fault with a nonWhite. Not even when that nonWhite is a multiple rapist and murderer. They will defend and make excuses for and proclaim the innocence of the guilty, while refusing to acknowledge the fate of the innocents, or give their families closure.

Ledell Lee was convicted of beating to death and raping Debra Reese in 1993. He also was convicted of the rapes of two other Jacksonville women. Lee was the prime suspect in the murder of an area prostitute, whose body was dumped in a shed near the railroad tracks. He was even tried for the murder of Christine Lewis, a young mother who was abducted from her Sunnyside home in 1989 as her three year old son watched.  She was raped and strangled and her body dumped in the closet of an abandoned home. The jury could not reach a verdict in that trial, but prosecutors chose not to retry Lee because he had already been convicted and sentenced to death in the Reese case and the two other rapes. DNA evidence tied Lee to all three rapes.

The 8th Circuit Court, after weeks and months and years of legal wrangling at taxpayer expense, finally denied another stay of execution for the black monster yesterday, and Ledell Lee became the first convicted prisoner to be put to death by the State of Arkansas since 2005. This followed one leftist judge who slowed the process being removed from the case after he publicly participated in anti-capital punishment protests! Two of the criminals filed motions for stays of execution based on their claim that they were too obese to be put to death after decades of eating on the taxpayers’ dollar. The lethal injection, which even the pharmaceutical company providing one of the sedatives for sued the state over in  order to avoid liberal boycotts of their brand, happened four minutes before Lee’s death warrant would have expired. There are seven other doomed men on death row awaiting execution, but continual liberal protests and left-wing judicial activism have stayed the rest, temporarily. And so, the agony of the families of their victims drags on, year after year.

Why did it take over twenty years to execute Ledell Lee? Why did it have to involve so much drama and cost so many hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars?

Arkansas, and other states, should go back to using a firing squad method of execution, and the appeals process should last no longer than one year from the date of conviction, before the execution sentence is carried out. That’s long enough for justice, and too long for the survivors of crime to have to wait for peace. Crime statistics prove that African-American males are exponentially more likely to commit rape than any other demographic group, and they are more likely to commit rapes against Whites than the reverse is true, as well. There are millions of black men like Ledell Lee in our country who just need a single bullet in the back of their nappy coconut heads, quickly and cheaply, for the benefit of us all. With your help, some day we can make that happen. Keep working towards that day.