by Billy Roper

Some of you may have heard about the Taliban attack on an Afghanistan (U.S. puppet state) Army base in the northern section of the country yesterday. It was one of the most successful to date, with 200 government casualties taken out of the fight: 140 of them permanently, and another 60 still using up resources in hospitals. This comes days after news that U.S. troops in the country have been diverted to the southeast corner of the country, where the Taliban has experienced successes there, and soon following the use of the largest and most expensive non-nuclear bomb in our nation’s arsenal against them and their tunnel complex in the northeast.

There’s an important lesson for patriots about the limits of power in asymmetrical warfare. Technology doesn’t count for as much as ruthlessness and dedication. The biggest and most expensive non-nuclear bomb dropped by the most powerful military in the world is little more than an empty if dramatic gesture compared to a group of guys willing to put on the uniform of their government’s troops, explode a bomb outside of a military base as a distraction, and shoot down the unarmed soldiers who run out of the chow hall or the chapel. Is anybody taking notes?

Because of course, it could happen here, some day, if we’re not careful. Hypothetically.