Looking In: How Women See the ‘Alt-Right’ & Why We Don’t Participate

The reason I decided to start posting my thoughts in my own space on this website is largely due to the open and widespread hostility towards women, which runs rampant in so called ‘traditionalist‘, or ‘red-pill‘ alt-right type spaces. I grew extremely tired of defaulting to referring to, and raising awareness of the struggles women face – through use of only second or third person speech. The necessity of pretending to talk from a male or otherwise ungendered perspective became tiresome very quickly. It is hard as a woman trying to get these types of men to understand what we go through – and it is incredibly disappointing that they only seem to care when the woman in question is hypothetically a relative. Trying to convince myself that the endless tirade of what I can only at best call ‘locker room talk’, and at worst pedophile-enabling hate-think, could be in any way normal or acceptable – led me into a cycle of disillusionment-turned-anger which would only ever leave me feeling even more alone.

Despite the endless male whining about ‘wanting more women in the movement‘, as a woman in these spaces you learn incredibly quickly that your struggles and concerns do not matter – especially if you are white. Yet funnily enough – in these self labelled traditionalist ‘movements‘, if you present as an Asian female you will have an entire fetish crew ready and willing to bring you justice in the name of the ‘white race. It begins to really surprise you that groups of men who allegedly solely care about the ‘preservation of European peoples’, have zero empathy for what is required to actually do this. Which here of course means – ensuring white women are happy, willing, and unafraid enough to undergo the ordeal of pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing. Sure there are other factors at play here, but when talking about the continuation of our people – this is really all it boils down to. Many of these men take the nauseating view of us women as subhuman baby-machines, who of course do not deserve right of ownership to our own bodies – or wombs, as they like to reduce us to. If you are a woman this probably resonates with you, since woman-to-woman we know how obnoxious this attitude is – especially when it comes from a man who will of course never, ever bring a life into the world.

I’ve seen discussions between ‘god-emperor‘ worshiping men where in the same breath they condemn no-fault divorce, but in some kind of schizophrenic episode approve it for men who wish to discard a wife of twenty years, for a replacement pre-teen girl – simply because they are men and ‘patriarchy‘. They complain endlessly about how evil women are when they divorce just to ‘get money’, however deem it fitting to force all future white women until the very end of time to ‘pay up b****’, as some weird form of reparations. Maybe its some kind of strategy to crowd-fun their Asian sex-tourism, but I really can’t be sure.

There is alot that can be said about the commonly thrown around talking point of ‘default male custody’ – but that is an issue so toxic that I’m keeping it for its own post. However we know that this is only a logical approach – since according to ‘red-pilled‘ self taught ‘scientists’ armed with info-graphic jpegs, we now know that just because women carry babies it ‘doesn’t increase their bonding to a child’ – because anything related to women’s feelings is just a hysterical hormonal fit needing treatment, right? I have to giggle though, when these same men then go on to shriek like banshees when a new quarterly statistic is released detailing the newest information on our plummeting birthrates. Who could have guessed that white women aren’t feeling maternally inspired?

Many men of the ‘alt-right’ believe that the route to increasing marriage rates is to lower the age of consent to ten, enforce arranged marriages with virgin brides, and to practice female genital mutilation (to prevent cheating of course). Their fail-proof strategies to raise the white birth-rate consist of banning birth control – married or not, and allowing us to die of ectopic pregnancies and birth complications rather than ‘allow’ us abortions and emergency caesarian sections. Nobody thinks that perhaps, just maybe one effective step in managing the declining birth rate, and understanding female reluctance to have babies would be to look at what is causing this aversion. Who would have known that maybe by asking young women today what is frightening them into becoming a generation of tokophobics, that you may actually find the solutions you were looking for!

It is quite pathetic that it comes to this, but ultimately the majority of men do not comprehend women’s struggles the way we do, and nowhere is this more obvious than in ‘alt-right‘ spaces. Their blatant ignorance to understanding issues such as the plight for better childbirth options, is one encumbered by a generation of young men who likely have not ever considered where babies come from – as that would shatter the purely pornographic depictions of women held in their minds.

Many of these men are so long out of touch with the feelings and needs of women, that most in these circles truly do not understand what it is women actually want. This is of course, assuming that a ‘red-pilled’ man would even care about female well-being – if it didn’t directly ensure him access to no-strings-attached sexual encounters. It’s funny in a kind of a sad way that these same men who preach pick-up-artist culture, end up complaining at the end of the day that there are ‘no good women left’ when in search of a traditional wife. Why is it so hard for these men to recognise that by supporting sexual exploitation of women, and indulging themselves in pornified depictions of us – that they are actually destroying the very thing they claim is so precious. It isn’t exactly a stretch to explain the widespread female self-sexualisation and degradation we now see today, as a result of apparent male appetite and desire for it – since we as women know how much ‘modern’ men love their porn.

So now to really sum up why I believe that many women do not participate in the ‘alt-right’ – just consider all of the examples of disgusting attitudes I’ve described above, and then couple it with this extra toxic one. I’ve seen too many times to count, and have collected enough screenshots to make a dedicated post about this, men who express an attitude towards white women of ‘you’d better serve me b****’ – but this charming request is one that stands only until our replacements arrive ladies. Yes that’s correct, they want to ‘make do‘ with us ‘meat c****’ as they like to call us, but only until artificial wombs are created especially for them to use, and when perfect ‘anime waifu‘ sex-robots are stocked on the shelves of the local pedos-r-us ‘fashy‘ shop to satisfy their every ‘red-pilled‘ need. Considering that this hate-think is so prolific, and remains unchallenged by the masses of the ‘alt-right’, this forms a pretty solid theory for why sane women avoid this toxic ‘movement’ as if our lives depend on it. Since after all, these men believe the only way to saving the ‘white race‘, is to eliminate white women. This is only logical and rational though, everyone knows we’re the real enemy right?