Horst Mahler Flees Germany to Avoid Imprisonment for ‘Holocaust Denial’


“Horst Mahler’s checkered career has taken another sharp turn. The 81-year-old neo-Nazi and Holocaust-denier has declared that he is on the run from the judiciary and is now thought to have fled the country. In a video released on YouTube (and since removed) by the far-right affiliated network “Nordland TV,” the lawyer said he would not be following an order to serve his latest prison sentence, and would instead “ask for asylum in a sovereign state that is ready to accept people.” He called the charges against him “political persecution without legal basis” … Mahler, one of Germany’s most prominent Reichsb├╝rger (or “Reich citizens,” a loose movement that refuses to recognize the legitimacy of the modern Federal Republic) was sentenced to ten years in prison in 2009 for repeated incitement to racial hatred and Holocaust denial.”