Birds of a feather flock together, and scum swirls in the same eddy of current. Serial race mixer and racial treason defender Andrew Anglin, most often known for his misogynist hatred of White women, is now attempting to rehabilitate part Jew Mike ‘Enoch’ Peinovich, who was exposed as being Jewish and having a Jewish wife. I believe there’s more than just the profit motive at work here.

Dr. Pierce used to tell me that it was good that there were amoral, unethical, and standardless collections of people with whom we’d prefer not to associate, since such persons tend to attract one another and create collectives of rubbish. That meant that we didn’t have to worry about having to weed them out of our things. We just had to be careful and make sure not to tie ourselves to them.

Andrew Anglin wants Peinovich to be forgiven, and for DS and TRS to have firmer ties together. I think that’s a great idea, I like it when our enemies are tightly grouped, too.

There’s an excellent exposition of this latest kikery on the Purity Spiral forum, under the discussion thread ‘Andrew Anglin facilitates the Enoch question’, here.

My belief is that this move by Anglin is tied to him being sued by the SPLC. Peinovich has offered to support Anglin in exchange for some mutual back-rubbing, as foreplay.

It’s another clear coalescing of the Alt Lite as becoming a separate bird entirely not just from White Nationalism, but the otherwise hardening and radicalizing Alt Right, as well. Clear lines are being drawn, as they should be, and people are ultimately going to have to choose a side. Do you support race mixers and homosexuals and Jews, or are you White? It seems easy enough, doesn’t it?