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Eric Clanton feels the noose tighten.

Having gone dark on social media, the anti-White leftist who cowardly assaulted a free speech advocate by hitting him in the head with a u-lock, then running back into a crowd, may soon face criminal charges as well as the loss of his academic career.

by Owen Mitchell

And now the reward of all the hard work is starting to come to fruition. At the very least, I doubt he will be at the Coulter event. And if he is, he will have a huge target on him by cops and Chad Nationalists.

The Berkeley Police Department is investigating a former Diablo Valley College teacher accused of assaulting a Trump supporter at a protest in Berkeley.

Anonymous users on 4Chan, a public online bulletin board, identified philosophy professor Eric Clanton as the masked man who hit a Trump supporter over the head with a bike lock at a Patriot’s Day rally on April 15.

Users started a discussion thread on the website’s “/pol/ Politically Incorrect” board and later released the information on the board’s Twitter account. After the incident, 4Chan anonymous users posted Clanton’s personal information on Twitter, such as his home address, job locations and OK Cupid profile.

On April 19, a tweet from “/pol/ News Network” mistakenly identified Clanton as an SF State professor, however, SF State spokesperson Mary Kenny denied this.

“Eric Clanton is not an employee of the University,” Kenny said. “He was an instructional student assistant in the philosophy department for one semester during spring semester 2013 and also worked for three semesters as a graduate teaching associate in the philosophy department from August 2013 until January 2015.”

Clanton began teaching at DVC in 2015 but is not working this semester, according to Timothy Leong, Contra Costa Community College District l director of communications and community relations.

According to The Inquirer, Clanton has shut down his social media.

“We are working with Berkeley Police Department, who is the lead on the investigation of the recent altercations that occurred in their city,” Leong said.

6 thoughts on “Eric Clanton feels the noose tighten.

  1. The proof is in the pudding, as the old saying goes. Its about time, that people seriously start looking at how infested the university system is with Cultural Marxists. This side of mental illness, the only people so infected with this kind of behavior were all Marxists of one stripe or another, while I was at university. I am willing to bet, he must be of this ilk. This is not someone who should be accredited with a philosophy degree i.e. the love of the mind and the ability to reflect upon new and/or competing ideas or notions, rationally. Anyway, I know I am sounding platitudinous , but so be it. The Reich Was Right!!


  2. Great job, Billy! Xlnt reporting. I’m out in this commie, Marxist area and I’m sure this will spurn and empower us more to get out here and “activate!!”(Heh-heh-heh!) The Fight Goes On!! 14/88 & ORION!


    1. Bob, thank you, and thank you also for your generous donation to the Cover Our People With Love charity which arrived. Tina very much appreciated it, and made an article thanking you by name on her website.


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