Pictured: Mary Phillips, a rape and murder victim who can finally have peace.

by Billy Roper

My state, Arkansas, has executed three low-life criminals over the last few days, two of them last night. That was a first for any state since 2000. They were done, hours, apart, on the same gurney. How’s that for efficiency? Well, honestly, not so great. All of the convicted felons had been on death row for more than two decades for brutal crimes involving rape and murder. It’s amazing how many liberals, predominantly White women of both genders, whine and cry about these scumbags finally getting what they deserved a long time ago.

What it comes down to is that all life is not equal. Some people are more valuable to society than others. This is true when it comes to allowing or encouraging them to breed, and when it comes to allowing them to breathe. There are both positive and negative eugenics, and the decades of appeals processes need to be done away with. The financial burden on the state taxpayers to feed and house them, and the emotional burden on the victims’ families, as well as the damage done to the deterrent factor of capitol punishment, are all compelling. Most important, though, is the clear need to be rid of them.

There are five more Arkansas state executions coming up. The pharmaceutical companies and anti-capitol punishment leftists are lobbying against the lethal injection method. I agree. It would be far simpler just to re-institute firing squads and be done with it.

One of the men executed last night, Jack Jones, was a part Mestizo.

From Jones’ appeal: On the afternoon of June 6, 1995, seventeen-year-old Darla Phillips dropped her eleven-year-old sister Lacy off at Automated Tax and Accounting Service in Bald Knob, where their mother, thirty-four-year old Mary Phillips, worked as a bookkeeper.   Mary was planning to take her daughter to a 3:00 p.m.   dentist appointment.   Darla and her fifteen-year-old brother Jessie were expecting their mother and little sister to return to their home in Bradford around 4:30 p.m.   or 5:00 p.m.   They never arrived.

A black-haired male entered the business before Lacy and her mother could leave for the dentist’s office.   According to Lacy’s testimony at trial, the man had a teardrop tattoo on his face and more tattoos on his arm.   The man had come into the business earlier that day to borrow some books.   When he returned, he complained that he had been given the wrong book.   He then told Lacy and her mother that he was “sorry,” but that he was “going to have to rob (them).”   He ordered Mary to lay down on her stomach, and then made Lacy lay down on top of her mother.   After retrieving the cash out of the register, he took them into a small break room.   The man took Lacy into a bathroom off of the break room, tied her to a chair, then left.   When he returned, Lacy, now crying, asked the man not to hurt her mother, to which he replied, “I’m not.   I’m going to hurt you.”   He began to choke Lacy until she passed out.   After Lacy lost consciousness, Jones struck her at least eight times in the head with the barrel of a BB gun, causing severe lacerations and multiple skull fractures.   When Lacy woke up, she saw blood and began to vomit.   She went back to sleep and awakened later when police, seeing her bloodied body and thinking she was dead, were taking photographs of her.

Police found Mary’s body nude from the waist down.   A cord from a nearby Mr. Coffee pot was wrapped around her neck and wire was tied around her hands, which were positioned behind her back.   Bruises on her arms and back indicated that she had struggled with her attacker prior to her death.   According to autopsy results, Mary died from strangulation and blunt-force head injuries.   Rectal swabs indicated that she had been anally raped before she was killed.

Lorraine Anne Barrett, 32 [6/1/1991 FL]
Mary Phillips, 34 [6/6/1995 AR]

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Final Words: “Well, I just want to let the James family and Lacey how sorry I am. I can’t believe I did something to her. I tried to be respectful from the time I took and become a better person. I hope I did better. I hope over time you could learn who I really am and I am not a monster. There was a reason why those things happened that day. I am so sorry Lacey; try to understand, I love you like my child.”

The second monster put down last night, Marcel Williams, was a black man, a career criminal whose lifestyle finally caught up with him.
“Marcel Williams abducted Stacy Errickson in November 1994 as she stopped at a gas station, later killing her and burying her body near the Arkansas River, prosecutors said.

Police said Williams admitted to kidnapping 22-year-old Errickson on Nov. 20, 1994, at a Jacksonville convenience store and forcing her to withdraw money from several ATMs after she left work.

He also confessed to raping, beating and choking the mother of two at Riverfront Park in North Little Rock before disposing of her body “where she could not be found.”

Trista Wussick (right) puts her arm around Carolyn Moore after both spoke at a clemency hearing for Marcel Williams, who is scheduled to be put to death April 24 for raping and killing Stacy Errickson. Moore, Errickson’s mother, and Wussick, Errickson’s friend, spoke against clemency for Williams. A week after Williams’ arrest and 15 days after Errickson’s disappearance, the woman was found buried in a shallow grave on the grounds of an old nursery off Riverfront Drive, about 1 mile west of downtown North Little Rock.

Errickson’s hands had been bound behind her back with a cord from her jacket, prosecutors said during Williams’ trial.

The mother’s hosiery and lunch cooler were found at a storage facility, and the pickup Errickson was driving at the time of her abduction was later found abandoned at a gas station about 2 miles from one of the ATMs she was forced to stop at that night, authorities said.

Three years after Errickson’s killing, Williams was sentenced Jan. 14, 1997, to die by lethal injection.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported that the jury deliberated for an hour before imposing the death penalty. One juror left the courtroom crying.

Before the trial began, Williams had already been serving three life sentences plus 70 years for two other attacks on women around the same time as Errickson’s death.

In 1985, Williams, then 15, was convicted of one count of aggravated robbery and six counts of burglary, which carried a 20-year sentence. He had been out on parole since April 1994.”

Good riddance to bad rubbish. May both of them rot in hell. It should have just happened a lot sooner.