by Billy Roper

In Phoenix, Arizona, anti-White leftists who are members of the ‘John Brown Gun Club’ are undergoing firearms and combat shooting instruction by local law enforcement officers. Maricopa County Sheriff deputies secretly lead these violent insurrectionists, who take their name from the murderous rebel who raided a Federal government weapons arsenal in Virginia in order to try to kick off a violent revolution and White genocide, into the desert, and teach them how to kill White people.

Once they posted videos of their training online, it was easy enough for pro-White activists to follow them out into the desert, where their combat training was observed and photographed. Afterwards, the scene of their impromptu firing range was canvassed. Along with all of the other trash and garbage they left behind in typical leftist fashion was a receipt for their breakfast…for which one of them, the County Sheriff’s deputy photographed instructing the group, received a law enforcement discount as he paid for their food and drinks. The name of the clerk at the Dunkin Donuts is also on the receipt, and he can identify the Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputy who was with the Antifa last Saturday morning, the 22nd of April, in uniform.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department website is here. Their phone number is (602) 876-1000. They might like to hear back from the community about their uniformed officers training left-wing political activists and Communist revolutionaries in combat shooting. What do you think?

A note to leftists: if this is how easy it is to find you BEFORE the real shooting starts, what do you think your life expectancy is going to be like, when the clock runs out on America?

And to leftist-abetting law enforcement: you only enjoy a temporary protected status for so long as laws exist. Once the scenario you are helping train these anti-Whites for occurs, you will be no different than any of the rest of them. You just won’t be able to run as fast, so people won’t have to lead you quite so much. Some day, your donut discounts are going to expire.