by Billy Roper

This weekend’s rally in Pikeville, Kentucky will be an ecumenical affair featuring several different pro-White organizations, including the League of the South, the Traditionalist Worker Party, The National Socialist Movement, and the Nationalist Front, which is itself an amalgamation of several smaller organizations.

A new story in the AP reaching syndication nationally is about this return of street level, IRL activism, which I see in general as a very positive thing. We will certainly not win back control over our destiny as a people on the internet. At some point, things will have to get real, and that will separate the men from the LARPers.

Close to twenty years ago, and continuing for over a decade, I myself organized and led many rallies, protests, and demonstrations, all across the country. Klan groups, Neo-Nazis, skinheads, Christian Identity, and other very disparate organizations marched together from the SPLC offices and the Israeli Embassy to LULAC conventions, Holocaust Remembrance Day gatherings, Mexican Consulates, and the streets of cities both small and large, coast to coast. From immigrant-importing poultry plants to the Alamo to our nation’s capitol, I’ve been there, you young whipper-snappers, so I give you much respect for trying to bring different organizations together. I especially know first-hand how hard it is to require a dress code, and a behavior code, and some discipline in the ranks. The fact that they are doing that this weekend is a very positive thing.

Most people don’t understand just how hard it is to do what they’re doing in Pikeville. Have you ever seen someone try to herd cats? Individualism has wounded the culture and psyche of our people to the point of contrarianism. Everyone wants to be a chief, nobody wants to be an Indian, nobody wants you to tell them what to do, and no leader wants to compromise or let you dress their baby, let alone spank it. It’s a Herculean task. Do not underestimate it. And that’s just to get people there.

However, someone will have to do it. They will have to, because as White Nationalism 2.0 emerges from the most worthy and red-pilled, radicalized lead elements of the Alt Right, it will be survivors and veterans of, perhaps not WN 1.0, the Rockwell era, but WN 1.5, the 1990s and 2000s, who tutor and council and, gasp, wait for it, lead them. As people lose faith in Trump, and become more hardened, podcasts and forums are not going to cut it, nor should they, at least not solely. They’ll begin to be emboldened to do more IRL things: witness Berkeley I, II, and III, and Auburn. When they do, we don’t want them to have to re-invent the wheel. I, at least, want them to be able to learn from our mistakes, as well as our successes.

It’s not that some of them don’t know who Billy Roper is. It’s that some of them don’t know who Bob Mathews was. Or how to set up multiple rendezvous points and backup venues and apply for and receive permits and negotiate with local police successfully. They’re brilliant, and skillful with meme level propaganda, but disconnected socially and psychologically from normies to the point that their educational material is alien to anyone who doesn’t know their chin from their chan. Up until this point, it’s been a snarky inside joke. The goal now is to turn that brilliance and energy and youthful enthusiasm outwards and focus it on the general population of Whites, to help red-pill them and shift their Overton Window rightwards through normalizing and mainstreaming White Nationalism, no matter what generation it is. We cannot let it be diluted and watered down into Alt Lite impurity spiraling, or burned out through exposure to too much of the movement weirdness with which we’re all so familiar. I’m not disparaging any of the organizers or leaders of the current big tent efforts, Lord knows that none of us have been perfect, and at least they’re trying. That’s halfway there.

I know that I won’t offend anyone too much by saying that I’ve met so many freaks and weirdos in the movement, truly broken and barely functional people, over the last quarter century of activism, that I’m afraid many of the Alt Right youngsters, somewhat socially inexperienced as a fair percentage of them are, might freak out and run away from the cause in totality if they are thrown into the big river to learn how to swim all at once. That might happen to a few of them this weekend in Pikeville. But I know that I can say that without offending anyone personally because heck, most of the dysfunctional people on our side, thankfully, are psychopaths rather than sociopaths. That is, a psychopath thinks that they’re just liked everybody else, and sociopaths like myself know better. So, when I talk about the freaks and weirdos in the movement, just be content that I’m talking about that other guy you know, and let’s move on.

It’s not just aberrant characters which might mislead the wave of new people graduating into WN 2.0 from the AR. If they fail, they go back to the Alt Lite, but if they pass, they come to us, and I say “us” broadly, because I’m also concerned about some of the paisanovante, the new people, being caught up in honeypot sting operations or getting fleeced for every zogbuck they have, by some less reputable profiteers and provably infiltrated or informant led groups. I’m not naming names. I’m also not going to purity spiral about organizations and leaders with nonWhite spouses or stepchildren or which have homosexuals or Jews, openly or barely in the closet, in their ranks. Agreeing fully that it’s the song, not the singer, I’d rather them have to sort the wheat from the chaff than subside back into pursuing a worldview pushing Alt Lite tolerance of homosexuality and race mixing and nonWhite affiliations as an accepted ideal, rather than simply as a hypocritical practice.

I have some friends who plead with me that I shouldn’t name malefactors in the Alt Lite, but that I should rather name the sin, and let people work out for themselves who the sinners might be. That’s like passing a law to make something illegal, but then not prosecuting criminals. Others ask me to name more people who have impurity spiraled directly or indirectly, and of course, they’re very helpful in volunteering to nominate the next targets for my shaming. I don’t wish for this discussion to be about either the sin or the sinners, though. I want it to be about the future of the Alt Right, and as the next generation coming up is our future, too, the future of White Nationalism.

A respected colleague and friend who has also been a White Nationalist activist alongside me for about twenty years and I were discussing this issue yesterday. Whether they know it or not, and some of them do, the Alt Right need us. We definitely need them. Our hard won experience and knowledge of how to do not just nuts and bolts IRL activism, but the heritage and history of the movement which they are coming into, can be invaluable to them. Their youth, enthusiasm, tech savvy, and intelligence will likewise reenergize and reinvigorate the White Nationalist movement, taking it up and over the hump of what many people are just now seeing as Trump’s betrayal, and out the other side where we all realize that Civic Nationalism and electoral politics are not in our people’s interests.

Many of the Alt Right have learned a lot, already. They’ve learned through interacting with one another, especially their (sperg and autistes), how to deal with the not-so-happy and well-adjusted people who are inevitably drawn to any out of the mainstream political movement. They’ve learned through the doxxing of people whom they had respected, but who turned out to be race mixers or homosexuals or Jews, that those elements will try to infiltrate the movement, and should be avoided. Like all of us, they’re hardening and radicalizing, some of them falling away, and some taking root and sprouting, as the parable of the seeds sown on rocky and dry ground discussed 2,000 years ago. So, I may say to them that I was doing this before they were born, but there were people doing it 100 times that long ago, and even before. The question is, what comes next?

We WN 1.0 or 1.5 owe it to the emerging WN 2.0 to mentor and tutor and teach them. But contrary to my experience both as a classroom teacher and a private tutor, that can’t be done sitting behind a desk, or one on one. And, it has to be a reciprocal, voluntary, and mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship. It’s obvious what we need from them. They are our future, and the future of our movement, and the future of our race. We need their brilliance and energy and tech know-how, their social media, video and audio and graphic and computer skills and their intellect. What we need to do is think about what they need from us. What do we bring to the table of a future merging of WN 2.0 with WN 1.5?

Do we want to call it a software patch, then, to bring the two together? An app update? Okay. We have experience in avoiding getting into legal trouble, that’s always a good thing. We have experience in organizing and holding protests, rallies, and demonstrations. We have experience in the history and traditions of the movement, which is more valuable than might be immediately apparent. Basically, we have every advantage which a Big Brother volunteer has over the young person they take under their wing. Again, though, we can’t do it one on one, or solely on forums. It will have to be at least somewhat IRL. It will probably best be done through some type of organizational construct.

To the Alt Right, you emerging WN 2.0, we are proud of you and of your potential, I don’t mean any of this to sound condescending or patronizing at all. We want you to succeed and do a better job in this fight than we did. But, we don’t want you to have to reinvent the wheel and make the same mistakes which we made all over again. We don’t want this to be a Viking funeral where all of our amassed weaponry and riches, our knowledge and experience, is burned with us in the ship. We want to pass it on to you.  Some of the saddest events in our generation have happened because, like Alexander the Great as he lay dying, leaders have not wanted to name or train a successor out of fear that, inheriting what they had built and adding to it, those successors might eclipse the achievements, ‘the fame of a dead man’s deeds’, if you will, of their predecessors. I, for one, want to do the opposite. I want the next generation of WN to be more successful than we were. To that end, I am at your disposal.

To my generation, WN 1.5, I’d like for you to very seriously consider your legacies. Think about what you can contribute to the future of our movement, and our people. Each of you have a lot to offer, and much to give to the youth coming up. If you still have any life left in you, if you still want to fight, then I ask you to consider how we can help make this patch between the two generations of WN work. I’d like to see all of our generation, WN 1.5, put as much of our old, now pretty meaningless differences aside, and come together for the future, for the NKOTB. If you’re old enough to recognize that acronym, then let’s hang tough together, rather than separately.

If you’d like to put our collective heads together to see what we can do to facilitate and enable the next generation, let’s talk.