Josef Stalin called him the most dangerous man in the Soviet Union. So dangerous, in fact, that he sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

But when Stalin realized that prison bars couldn’t keep him from revealing his secret, he gave the order to have him killed.

Who was this quiet, bookish man? And what did he know that made him such a threat to the Soviet regime?

His name was Nicolai Kondratieff. He was an economist. And he had discovered a cyclical pattern in global economics that predicted the Soviet Union would fall by the late 1980s.

But here’s the scary part:

The same cyclical pattern also predicts the financial ruin of the United States by 2018.

And guess how it starts?

It starts with a strange run-up in the stock market in 2017 during which the Dow will reach 31,000 before it collapses in a cataclysmic crash.

If you’ve been wondering, WHY the stock market has been going up like crazy recently … WHEN it will stop … and WHAT it means to the future of America…

It very well may be the crisis trigger through an economic collapse which will lead to civil war and balkanization, as I discussed in my book ‘The Balk’, here.

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