by Billy Roper

Candida R. Moss is an English academic who is Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity on the theology faculty of the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana in the United States. In other words, she probably hasn’t done much real research in any history prior to the first century A.D. since she was an undergraduate writing single page essays on Stonehenge at Oxford.

However, in a new Daily Beast article she attacks the Solutrean hypothesis, the scientifically based observation that Europeans were in North America prior to 10,000 years ago. In particular, as I told her this morning after seeing her Boasian shill piece, she mentioned me by name in relation to it without having bothered to read my Master’s Thesis on the subject, Paleo-American Ethnic Diversity. Although her main point was to attack attorney Kyle Bristow’s ‘White Apocalypse’,  (through ad hominem) she mistakenly identified me as being a part of something called “White Resistance”, an organization of which I’ve never even heard. That error probably also indicates the depth of her other research into the subject of the article, as well as the validity of her conclusions. Her obvious anti-White bias is made clear through her claim that scientific research into the prehistory of North America which doesn’t support the Beringian mythology of AmerIndians “strips them of their cultural identity”. Well, Ms. Moss, if their cultural identities are based on lies, then it’s a disservice to both them and those whom their ancestors may have ethnically cleansed to perpetuate the myth. Of course, as a liberation theology leftist who holds that Jesus was a socialist, Candida Moss specializes in deconstructing Christianity by claiming that the early martyrs of the church are largely the result of a purposeful mythology, thus working to strip Christians of their cultural identity.