by Billy Roper

On Saturday, April 29th, the working class White Appalachian town of Pikeville, Kentucky was the scene of another dramatic showdown between patriotic Americans and the same kind of anti-White Communist thugs who have plagued so many communities with their violence and destruction over recent months.

Appalachia has been hit hard by an economic downturn accompanying the loss of coal industry jobs, combined with an epidemic of illegal drug use which has ravaged the largely rural areas. The citizens of the region, mainly descended from the original Scotch-Irish pioneers, struggle to maintain their culture and identity in a corrupt globalist multiracial empire which has treated them solely as replaceable units of labor and consumption.

The Traditionalist Worker Party, which like The ShieldWall Network promotes “Local Solutions to the Globalist Problem”, joined with the Southern Nationalist “League of the South” organization, the National Socialist Movement, and the Nationalist Front coalition to occupy a corner of the downtown and have their message of White racial survival, solidarity, and progress heard not only locally, but indeed nationally. Social media outlets on both sides of the street representing America’s increasingly polarized and divided society helped allow literally millions of our fellow White men and women to hear a pro-White message, many for the first time.

Although geography prevented me from attending this event in person, I was one of many who watched the rally on a live stream broadcast by an anti-White homosexual on the Unicorn Riot channel, or something similarly gay, as it was the only live feed which I and my wife and a longtime racialist comrade and friend could find active streaming. Ironically, the sodomite’s live video feed allowed us to see our old nemesis “Fat Albert” clone Daryle Lamont Jenkins, of ‘One Negro in the Projects’ infamy. He’s looking dumber and fatter than ever, seventeen years after we first met outside the Israeli Embassy in D.C., if that can be believed. (Not that it’s been seventeen years, but that he’s gotten even dumber and fatter.)

As the stalwart League of the South Southern Nationalists, including spokesman and activist Brad Griffin, manfully held down the designated free speech zone while awaiting the caravan bringing Matt Heimbach (leader of the Traditionalist Worker Party), Jeff Schoep of the NSM, and the TWP-led coalition into town, I triggered some anti-White Communists on twitter under the #Pikeville hashtag and dreamed of the day when government police and computer screens no longer stand between us and victory over the dirty Communists. After a brief delay the TWP caravan arrived, and the live streaming video broadcast gave watchers a front row seat as Heimbach displayed not only excellent tactical planning and good leadership in forming up his impressive-looking troops into a solid military column, but playfully swatted away the faggot “reporter’s” gadfly questions with forthright condescension.

On the other side was the “AntiFa” scum, and in the middle, trying to be Civic Nationalists and support the Constitution, were a dozen or so confused-looking Oathkeepers. They spent most of their time denying being racists, like Peter during the trials of Christ.

When the two pro-White forces exultantly linked up at the designated free speech zone, they came to outnumber the anti-Whites on the opposite side of the street on the other side of the police line. Kentucky being an open carry state certainly frightened away many of the openly Marxist and Anarchist anti-Whites who threatened to attack the town and attempt to deny Americans their rights to peaceably assemble and exercise their first amendment. Even more compelling, though, was the city of Pikeville’s wise move to not allow the anti-White criminals to wear masks in order to commit acts of violence and vandalism under the cover of anonymity.

Following each leader and organizer of the pro-White side having an opportunity to speak, the rally concluded and once again military discipline was maintained during their successful withdrawal from the city. A celebratory gathering was held afterwards to build on the fruits of the successful rally for the future.

Having organized and led dozens of similar rallies myself, I understand all that goes into their planning and preparation, as well as execution. From an expert, experienced perspective, this one was very well orchestrated and choreographed. All of our people, particularly the younger Alt Right who are just becoming more radicalized into WN 2.0, need to see these examples of bravery, unity, and determination against our enemies. They need to see men and women who not only aren’t ashamed of being White, but who aren’t afraid to get out from behind their keyboards and stand together in public. That’s where the battle for our people’s future will be won.

On a personal level, I came away from witnessing the Pikeville rally with a newfound level of respect for all the participants, but especially the TWP and the LOS, and their leaders. They are imminently worthy of our support, and I hope that in the future circumstances will allow me to stand with them, as they did for all of us in Pikeville.