Claiming affiliation with the John Brown Gun Club, a left-wing terrorist organization named after the murderer and traitor who ended up hanging by a rope, the Redneck Revolt organization which was kept from committing violence and vandalism in Pikeville, KY over the weekend by local and state ordinances which denied them the chance to wear  masks to hide their identity and allowed patriots to open carry firearms for their own protection  has a new branch in my neck of the woods.

No, that won’t fly here, pussy hats.

Because of the rain, the ant-Whites postponed the protest they had planned last weekend until May 27th. That’s May 27th, on the Harrison, Arkansas, courthouse square. If you’d like to get in touch with them to share a Pepsi or something, their e-mail address is, and they have two contact numbers: 662-607-8062, and for after hours, 870-754-4604.

I encourage those of you who are on facebook to visit their site, and comment. But first, make sure that you get acquainted with all of the people who post there and have liked and commented their posts on it.