Last week we reported that an website posted a mugshot of Deonte Baber, the racist black male who is one of two indicted on April 13th in the racially motivated shooting death of Ohio motorist Jamie Urton on March 24th in Walnut Creek. This morning we have learned that the website posting may have been in error, and referred to a previous 2016 arrest of Baber’s. The refusal of the controlled media to report any updates about the Jamie Urton murder case does make it difficult to obtain accurate information, and apparently is helping the fugitive black murderer to escape apprehension. Posted above is a picture of Baber, who may have fled outside of Ohio. Please be on the lookout for him. There is a $7,500 reward for information which leads to his capture. Baber is considered armed and dangerous and has already murdered a White person in broad daylight on a public street in the black Cincinnati neighborhood because of his racial hatred for Whites.

Jame Urton, who worked at an area agency for the blind and was giving a physically handicapped black man a ride in his car when he was attacked and killed after stopping to check on a black youth who had run out in front of him on the street, will be honored on May 20th through the White Lives Matter red balloon release being held by The ShieldWall Network and The Shield Maidens.