by Billy Roper

Contrary to the interests of working class Americans, especially the working class Whites who created them, labor unions are demonstrating today, no pun intended, that they are tools of the Communist anti-White globalist Jews. Today, May 1st, 2017, they are joining illegal immigrants in marches and protests against the national sovereignty of the United States, and against the founding principles and ideals of our nation.

With the country growing more polarized and divided every day, Communists and Anarchists and other anti-Whites rioting and protesting in the street, and many White Americans looking forward to the establishment getting out of their way so they can fight back, all that is needed is one spark in the tinderbox, or one crisis trigger scenario of a martial or economic nature, for the next civil war to begin.

When America balkanizes, remember that the White labor union bosses and the White capitalist business owner bosses both helped destroy America by bringing in millions of nonWhite illegal immigrant invaders, for their selfish personal profit and interests. Contrary to how they front, as the youngsters say, they aren’t enemies, they’re flip sides of the same Jewish coin. We will make sure that they pay the consequences for their treason. They can side by side in solidarity, up against the wall.

Depending on how things develop this summer and fall, this May Day may be America’s last as one united nation, before balkanization happens. Be prepared. Join The ShieldWall Network and connect with others for mutual aid and assistance. You may only have a short time left to read this book explaining what is happening, why it is happening, and what to expect, next.

If you go out today in a major city, you may see some Communists and illegal immigrants marching. If so, be armed, and be prepared to defend yourselves, if necessary. Many of them have already attacked, and have a history of killing, innocent Whites. Don’t be a victim: don’t hesitate to fight back.