by Billy Roper

Over this past weekend, a group of Mountain Home, AR anti-White activists inspired by Communist and Anarchist groups such as Antifa who have committed acts of violence and vandalism in other areas of the country threatened to hold an anti-White protest in Harrison, Arkansas. Although they failed to show up, some patriotic local citizens did, ready to confront the anti-Whites directly and make them feel very unwelcome. Here is a local media story about the failed anti-White protest.

I live in the Ozarks. Some keyboard commandos and risk-averting cowards mewl like a woman, no offense ladies, about “shitting in their own back yards”, and want to avoid taking a stand locally to defend their own communities. Instead, they’ll drive for hours to another state, while others shit in their back yards, for them.

I’m not afraid to take a stand. Whenever and wherever I see anti-Whites, they will be confronted and opposed. ESPECIALLY where I live. Remember: think racially, act locally!

I challenge any of the anti-Whites, who if they are serious about their business follow this blog, to try to hold another anti-White protest, and let me know about it ahead of time.