Pictured: one of the antifa associated with the coming May 27th protest.

Recently, a group called ‘Redneck Revolt‘, a branch of the violent anti-White Communists and Anarchists who attempted to deny Whites their rights to peaceably assemble and exercise their protected freedom of speech in Pikeville, KY., announced their new plans to hold a protest against Whites on May 27th in Harrison, Arkansas. This group, based out of Mountain Home, Arkansas, is allied with the ‘John Brown Gun Club’ antiWhites who are arming up and undergoing combat training in preparation for Civil War II.

A group of concerned citizens is attempting to educate the public about these domestic terrorists, known for their violence and vandalism. Any help in this goal would be appreciated. Here is what we know so far about some of their supporters:

Lacey Renee Vanderpool

(870) 741-3171

1859 Mimosa Ln

Harrison AR 72601

Library technician at North Arkansas College

Steve Osswald (Pictured)

Mountain Home/Oakland AR


294 County Road 117

Oakland, AR