Another black on White racial attack in a gun free zone which will be purposefully underreported by the Jewish controlled media:

Kendrix White, a black University of Texas at Austin sponsored social engineering experiment, went on a wild stabbing spree on the campus Monday, killing young White student Harrison Brown and severely injuring three others.

Some may remember that UT recently fell victim to a liberal “Gun Free UT” rally held by a group of militant feminist lesbians who sported signs saying “Cocks not Glocks” and handed out dildos to students in a successful effort to deny other students and faculty members their second amendment guaranteed right to keep and bear arms on campus.

We see how well that worked out for them.

However, that’s not all!

“In 2012, before White was a student at UT Austin, he made a 14-minute, poorly produced video at his home that shows Kendrex White and his classmates reenacting the murder of white people by Haitian political figure Dutty Boukman. The video is chilling and over the top with excessively violent moments.

The video, entitled “Haitian Revolution”, is a chilling precursor to the type of violence that White would act on later. The Haitian revolution involved the specific targeting and killing of white women and children.

GotNews reports:

Though Austin police have not commented about White’s motivations, early campus (reports) are that White targeted members of fraternities who were wearing their Greek letters.

Fraternities at the university have been subject to recent vandalism by hysterics who accuse them of furthering white supremacy… A manifesto from the vandals was printed on the website of terrorist front It’s Going Down.”

Parents: do you really want to send your kids to a diversified college campus where they will be disarmed, brainwashed, bullied, indoctrinated, then possibly stabbed to death, all because they are White?

We don’t need gun control, we need nigger control. Otherwise, we WILL see some areas of the U.S. end up like Haiti when the balkanization happens