When it comes to exposing anti-White Communists and Anarchists, it’s usually more useful tactically to doxx the supporters, rather than the leaders. Why is that? Because, that’s how you hit them where it hurts, virtually speaking.

Here’s why: it works the same for their side, as for ours. Nothing is accomplished by the enemy doxxing me or any other known and public White activist or leader, is there? We just laugh at them. They try to doxx the supporters, to intimidate and bully those who might lose their professions or other useful resources if they’re exposed. Well, it’s time that we hit them back the same way.

I want every antifa hanger-on and supporter to have their families and friends and most of all, their employers know about their associations with radical violent Communists and Anarchists who use violence and vandalism to destroy America and attack our people. But, I also want everyone on our side to know who is organizing their protests.

Meet Drew McCormick. He’s an organizer for the John Brown Gun Club, the Redneck Revolt antifa organization in northern Arkansas. They’re planning an anti-White protest on the Harrison, Arkansas courthouse square on May 27th.

Drew and his brother Luke have a band. Good luck with that musical career. You can call 870-754-4604 to book them for a show.

Drew’s “husband”,  Dillon Sweeten, owns Sweet 5 Electronics and lives in Mountain Home. If you want to stop in and do some shopping, they’re at 1209 Commerce Drive in Mountain Home. Here’s their website. And, his facebook page. You can give them a call if you need some computer work done at 870-424-3999. He also operates “Scoops of Pride”, if you need your system purged: 1219 Sunshine Drive, Mountain Home, AR 72653.

On May 27th, these antifa queers and their Communist and Anarchist allies are planning on holding an anti-White protest on the courthouse square in Harrison, Arkansas. If you don’t have a chance to swing by their store and say ‘hi’ between now and then, you can always catch them there.