“I’d never really seriously considered balkanization on US soil prior to listening to a podcast with Mr. Roper and then reading his book.

The book is obviously for someone who has already had a racial awakening. The author doesn’t take the time to explain in baby talk why these people are different from us and incompatible with us. Instead he skips ahead a few chapters and tells you what’s going to happen as a consequence of these different ethnic groups being forced together. It’s not a matter of whether or not we like it, this IS how it’s going to be and we need to calmly and rationally take an objective look at what is just right around the corner and prepare for it.

Aside from being educational and important, it is entertaining at times. It is full of awesome anecdotes and analogies such as, “When their backs are to the wall, our enemies tie sharp rocks to the end of sticks. When our backs are to the wall, we split atoms”. Somewhere, William Luther Pierce is grinning from ear-to-ear at the author Billy Roper has become.”

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