At 2 pm on Saturday, May 27th, on the Boone County courthouse square, a radical extremist Communist group called ‘Redneck Revolt’, whose motto is “putting the RED back in Redneck”, plans on holding a left-wing Antifa protest in Harrison. They are describing this in some of their propaganda as an “anti-Trump” rally.

This group also calls itself the ‘Mountain Home John Brown Gun Club’, in solidarity with other anti-government Anarchist cells who practice combat firearms training in ‘ISIS ‘ style internet promotional videos and state that they are domestic terrorists whose purpose is to frighten and intimidate those with whom they disagree politically.

These are the same kind of Antifa, a coalition of Communists, radical homosexual LGBTQ activists, and Black Lives Matter and La Raza supporters who have engaged in violence, vandalism, looting, and arson in riots across the country.

Rather than being frightened into staying away from the Courthouse area as the radical extremists want, the citizens of Harrison and Arkansas who support our President are urged to join together at the Courthouse on May 27th at 2 pm to REJECT the ‘Redneck Revolt’ and their Communist message.

Bring your American and Confederate flags, MAGA hats, and pro-Trump signs to make the ‘Redneck Revolt’ Communists feel unwelcome.

On May 27th, 2 PM, Boone County Courthouse, in Harrison, Arkansas:

Stand Up Together for America!