Harrison, Arkansas SitRep:

http://theroperreport.whitenationalists.net/ is under heavy dos attack by Antifa this morning, after two more of their supporters were unmasked and doxxed yesterday. If you have trouble accessing the site this morning, that’s why, but please try again. Local citizens’ opposition to the Redneck Revolt John Brown Gun Club is mounting, so the Communists are becoming desperate under the growing pressure.

In addition to support from White residents who are proud of their people and heritage, many Harrison area citizens are vocally saying that The Redneck Revolt group is stirring up trouble, and will be responsible for any violence which happens. Even some bi-racial people are opposed to them! Others want to slap their masks off for using the name ‘redneck’ and promoting Communism. This includes many who are not supportive of the KKK or the pro-White cause, per se.

Indeed, the Redneck Revolt Communists may get attacked at their protest on May 27th in Harrison not by us, but by the local citizens who oppose Communism and resent the Mountain Home John Brown Gun Club creating so much controversy for Harrison again.