by Philip Holthoff

There was once a man named Kenneth Williams who was a black male from a broken family. His claim to fame was the abduction and murder of a UAPB cheerleader, Dominique Hurd, from the parking lot of a Bonanza restaurant in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, as she and her boyfriend were exiting the restaurant and getting into their vehicle. Williams surprised them and held them at gunpoint and made them drive him to an ATM, then took her and her boyfriend into an isolated area and made Hurd strip while taking pictures of her with her boyfriend’s camera. He them made them kiss while informing both of them that this would be their last kiss together.  He then shot Hurd dead and asked the boyfriend where he was from. When he replied he was from Dallas, Williams responded he didn’t like people from Dallas and then shot the boyfriend three times before driving off.

Unfortunately for Williams, the boyfriend survived.

Williams was arrested and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Therein is our first break in the system because if Williams had received the death penalty for the death of Hurd then my family would not have had to go through the ordeal we did. That is the thing about capital punishment- it negates with 100 % efficiency any possibility of repeat offenders!