As America continues to become more divided than ever before with each passing day on the way to balkanization, demographic researchers scratch their heads and seek to quantify and pin down the ground zero of the fault lines of the widening gaps fracturing our society. Some primarily blame radicalizing echo-chambers in social media. The cows were so much easier to herd in a straight line when their access to information and editorializing was restricted to the Jewish controlled media.

Others rely on often unbalanced and weighted sample pools whose fish don’t give honest answers past virtue signaling. Eddy Gibbon went through fewer contortions trying to explain why the Romans developed Antifa. Either way, their data will always be weak until they put aside equivocations about class differences and educational level and take the plunge into analyzing what really separates us. And no, MGTOW, it’s not gender. Hint, it’s not in our jeans, but it is in our genes.