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  • Two parallel Americas have never stopped fighting the first Civil War.(More…)


  • Eighty-eight percent of Democratic-leaning Americans expressed worry about war breaking out sometime during the years of President Trump’s White House, compared to only four-in-10 of Republicans.(More…)
  • They had everything: Wall Street, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Congress, State Department, and etc. They could write new financial laws, dictate foreign policy, control trade deals, shape the culture(and win every culture war), command the narrative, and destroy other nations.(More…)
  • It would, after all, only be a microcosm of a larger war within the G.O.P. and one within America, itself.(More…)


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Two parallel Americas have never stopped fighting the first Civil War. [1] It will not happen until these groups understand that we are fighting for the survival of America no less than the Union troops were in the First Civil War. [2]

I am not a knee-jerk alarmist, but, over the last month, I have heard friends on both sides of the political aisle suggest that the United States is headed, nay careening, towards a civil war. [3] It is entirely possible we are headed for a second American Civil War, with the election of our 45th President. [1]

Opens Thomas Chittum’s disturbing book Civil War II. With chilling precision, Chittum outlines the realization that America is headed the way of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia … Balkanization, or, as the subtitle to the book proclaims, The Coming Breakup of America. [4] I’ve been hearing people for years exclaiming that if and when the Government goes “too far” American patriots will say no more, and that they will stand up and take America back from the traitors in Washington by way of another Civil War in America (taking up arms i.e. violent revolution). [4] Here?s what we know about the state of the country in American War: In 2074, America (much smaller than it used to be due to climate change) enters its second Civil War: this time, the North and South face off because the South refuses to give up fossil fuel while the North relies solely on solar and wind energy. [4] Personally I?m a states? rights guy, because my state of South Carolina should know me better! I love America, but shouldn?t my state know me better? So the question is asked, are we ready for another Civil War? My answer is No, but only time will tell. [4]

KEY TOPICS Would Obama and the globalists take away a legally won presidency from Donald Trump and the American people and quite literally risk civil war in doing so? We pray to God that war never again comes to U.S. soil though we feel that we’re watching it silently unfolding all across America at this very moment after reading this story from Michael Snyder telling us that an entire church in the U.S. recently ended up on an ‘ISIS kill list’. [4] The first was the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), which was a civil war between the English and their colonists in North America; the second was what we call the American Civil War (1861-1865), or what is called by some the War of Northern Aggression. [4] There’ll never be a civil war in America with fat, complacent Americans. [5] After Bush?s 2004 re-election victory, historian Simon Schama called the country the “Divided States of America” and observed that: “Not since the Civil War has the fault line between its two halves been so glaringly clear.” [4] How could we have another civil war when we haven’t have one yet? Abraham Lincoln was the first republican traitor in the White House (handy since he was the first republican), and his war was against citizens of the United States, but those of the Confederate States of America, a foreign neighbor. [4] We all know history repeats itself, and since America already suffered through one bloody civil war, Steve Moore made the case that if Democrats do just one thing, there will be another and the scary thing is, he’s probably right. [4] This recent U.S. News and World Reports story warns that the current crisis America is now going through may be the gravest threat to the union of our nation since the Civil War. [4] Over a century ago, the United States of America went through a divisive and bloody Civil War that separated the people of this nation bone from marrow. [4] It?s scary to me, because people have sent me emails telling about how close America is to another Civil War. [4] That being said, I still feel America should stay out of Syria?s civil war while keeping a close eye on the conflict as situations develop. Trump has put himself in a hole in a certain way with Democrats claiming his current refugee policy does not align with his feelings toward the civilian victims and the action he ordered against Syria. [4] When a leader says we are on the way to fundamentally transforming America and 7.5 years later we find our country in an ocean of insanity, extremely discontent, divided and the possibly of civil war is in our discussions, we begin to understand that what Obama REALLY meant was fundamentally “destroying” America as we know it. [4] The singer-songwriter urges America to learn from its past mistakes, or be prepared for another Civil War in a country divided. [4] Alex Jones talks with former Navy SEAL Matt Bracken about whether or not he like Fox thinks America is on the brink of civil war. [4] Like the gas attack in 2013, this has the marks of a false flag operation to stampede America into Syria’s civil war. [4] It sure feels like the kettle is boiling in America and Civil War could break out. [4] The most painful war America has ever fought was the Civil War, which pitted North and South against each other. [4] His latest book is Midnight in America: Darkness, Sleep, and Dreams during the Civil War (University of North Carolina Press, 2017). [4] America is on the cusp of a second Civil War, and it promises to be every bit as divisive, bloody, and destructive as the first one. [4] KEY TOPICS It will not happen until these groups understand that we are fighting for the survival of America no less than the Union troops were in the First Civil War. [4]

For that reason, just as the Great War came to be known as World War I once there was World War II, the Civil War will become known as the First Civil War when more Americans come to regard the current battle as the Second Civil War. [2] [xyz-ihs snippet=”Amazon-Affiliate-Native-Ads”] Using the First Civil War analogy, American unity was achieved only after the South was vanquished and slavery was abolished. [2] According to American history books, the American Civil War, 1861-1865, resolved fundamental questions of the central authority of the Federal government versus a looser confederation of sovereign states; and whether we were truly to be a nation where all “men” were created equal, instead of one that would permit slavery. [1] The Civil War had not completely resolved the battle over Federalism, and it wasn?t until the Great Depression that Americans required the federal government to assert itself. [1] The only thing they have left is complete war, another American Civil War. [1] It has taken a century-and-a-half to develop. Some of the civil rights issues of today, were not even on the proverbial radar during the first Civil War, but almost all of these arguments today have a linear connection to issues of civil rights, rural vs. urban economies, and the power of the federal government over states. [1] Summer 2013 was was the heyday of the Tea Party, so I asked James about the then current state of political partisanship, to which he gave his “gloomy” prediction that we were drifting towards a civil war. [3] You look back at history, at nations that are careening into civil war that is, at the U.S. in 1850, at Kosovo in 1996, at England in 1642, at Rome in 60 BC or 90 BC and you ALWAYS find that people don’t take seriously the POSSIBILITY that they could be creating the conditions of a civil war, until something happens that they didn’t expect, and BOOM all of a sudden it is too late to stop it. [3] Although not a matter usually associated with the Civil War and slavery, women of course were also not allowed the rights of full citizenship, the most obvious being the right to vote. [1] The third significant difference between the First and Second Civil Wars is that in the Second Civil war, one side has been doing nearly all the fighting. [2] O’REILLY : That sounds like the south before the civil war, does it not? Finally, the race hustlers are very angry. [6] It set off–or hastened–a political realignment in which the Democratic “Solid South” abandoned an attachment dating to the Civil War. [1] If the political process stops working, it will result in a civil war, as it has resulted in a civil war thousands of times over the course of centuries. [3] Regardless who wins this election, we may facing not only protracted political battles, but some genuine kind of shooting war, a second Civil War if you will. [1] After the Civil War as the suffrage movement was beginning, support came from Republicans — still the party of Lincoln — because of common concerns, rooted partly in the abolition movement. [1]

America are we ready for a bigger Federal Government? If I may recall they say history repeats itself and America has survived one Civil War at a bloody cost. [4] America is in the choosing sides phase of the coming civil war. [4] While we’d love to call this story an ‘April Fools Day’ joke, events so far in 2017 prove that not only has America never been more divided but, as many experts have warned, we may be heading towards civil war upon U.S. soil. [4] Today is day that “Captain America CIVIL WAR” is being released. [4] “Captain America: Civil War”s domestic box office performance was frontloaded, as the film grossed 40% on opening weekend in early May.” [4] “Captain America: Civil War” showcases the split between the Avengers as they fight one another. [4] A professor who specializes in the Civil War appeared on a special edition of “The Jim Bakker Show” last week to warn America that the 2016 presidential election could lead to another secessionist melee. [4] America is the last bastion of generations of hard work and it will be sold down for a mere 1% to 2% of what it is worth just as the Formal USSR collapsed and was sold out for pennies to the dollar, so will the United States when civil war comes. [4] America has far too many problems at home to enter itself into another nation?s civil war abroad. [4] Since America, in her present form, cannot continue much longer without experiencing a cataclysmic shift, we would be wise to realize what resources are going to be the impetus for civil war. [4] This is going to be bigger than Civil War, this is likely the next revolution for America. [4] An audacious and powerful debut novel: a second American Civil War, a devastating plague, and one family caught deep in the middle a story that asks what might happen if America were to turn its most devastating policies and deadly weapons upon itself. [4] A controversial new novel imagines what America would look like if the Civil War had never happened. [4] Korea, Russia, France and America all went to civil war because of misery. [4] Understanding this information could be the difference between civil war and peace and order here in America. [4] The words civil war, takeover, secret facilities, dissident, and inevitable are circulating among the whispers of disenchantment all across America. [4] In a big year for superhero movies, none grossed higher than Captain America: Civil War, the Joe & Anthony Russo-directed film that not only managed to tell a coherent, crowd-pleasing story that crammed in a dozen Marvel superheroes but also became the first Captain America film to cross the billion-dollar worldwide gross mark. [4] What the hell is next after Captain America: Civil War? Well, I guess I know what’s next. the Phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe, which will go through deep changes in the characters and the continuity which started 8 years ago, when Iron Man was released. [4] I don’t think I can finish that phrase not revealing more than I should, so I will limit myself to mention the reasons why I enjoyed Captain America: Civil War so much. [4] I enthusiastically recommend it to the fans of Marvel’s and those who like action cinema with a good dramatic endorsement, because Captain America: Civil War places as much importance on the characters and the story as on the action, instead of exclusively focusing on the special effects. which had exactly been one of the main problems of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. [4] The first of which was last weekend’s Captain America: Civil War. [4] Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is breaking box office records and is on its way to a billion worldwide, but the repercussions of the fallout from the latest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are sure to be felt across the board. [4] Marvel likely has one of the biggest blockbusters in history on its hands with Captain America: Civil War. [4] Despite that small complaint, I liked Captain America: Civil War very much, and I found it one of the best films from Marvel Studios (I would personally place it in the TOP 3, along with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy). [4] The only thing I can say against Captain America: Civil War is that the tendency to the “shaky cam” obstructs the excellent choreography a bit during some of the action scenes. [4] Marvel?s Captain America: Civil War hit theaters this weekend, and thus far, the film?s combination of hero-on-hero violence and ideological exchanges is striking a chord with viewers and critics. [4] Captain America: Civil War has now been in theaters for over a week, and moviegoers are still reeling from the epic, fun, and heartfelt journey that the newest MCU movie brought them on. [4] Peter Parker’s place in the Civil War story is more about his relationship with Tony Stark than it is about the ultimate brawl between Team Captain America and Team Iron Man. [4] Warning: Mild spoilers for Captain America: Civil War ahead. [4] Captain America: Civil War pits the Avengers against their greatest foes: one another. [4]

However a number things involved with America’s failing government and political practices will also link it Civil War 2. [4]

I have long been convinced that the U.S. was headed for a real civil war (that conflict from 1861-65 was not a “civil war” but a war between two sovereign nations) and that the left would precipitate it by their intolerance of any rule but their own. [7] Tom is author of “Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America” which is acclaimed as required reading by Gun Rights activists from Rabbis to Skinheads and everything in between. [4] In a recent interview with Creative Screening, Captain America: Civil War’s writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely spoke to the struggle and process of attempting Spider-Man’s introduction into the universe, We had him in, and sometimes a month or two later Kevin would come back and say, ‘No, negotiations are not going quite as well. [4] Captain America: Civil War’s domestic box office performance was frontloaded, as the film grossed 40% on opening weekend in early May. [4]

The next American Civil War is the Americans People taking our country and government back and hanging all these treasonous bastards destroying our great land and culture. [4] If you talk about our rights totally being removed and then the attack that will come on the Second Amendment, I?m really concerned if they even get down that road, we?re going to head towards civil war in our country because I know many Americans that are not about to turn over one gun. [4] Why don’t you go read up on what percentage of the country participated in the American Revolution and the Civil War and then kill yourself for being so dense. [4] The American Revolution cannot validly be classified as a civil war since the predominant military action was against a foreign occupying power, rather than a domestic seceding neighbor state. [4] A future war on American soil will look alot more like every other civil war and revolution think Lebanon in the 1980’s, The French Revolution, or Iraq now (Mexico too). [4] The American Revolution and the Civil War (or “The late unpleasantness” as my forebearers called it) were the result, not the catalyst for political resistance. [4] For that reason, just as the Great War came to be known as the First World War once there was a Second World War, the Civil War will become known as the First Civil War when more Americans come to regard the current battle as the Second Civil War.” [4] For a variety of reasons, after the first Civil War or at least, after Reconstruction Americans generally began rejecting the idea of killing each other over ideological differences. [4] Another question to ask is that if a second civil war were to arise, what would be the central issue motivating Americans to fight and die in huge numbers? Slavery, the reason behind the Civil War, was an issue unlike any today in terms of the sweeping influence it had over the Southern way of life. [4] WHY do the LIBERALS want the U.S. to be overrun & infested with TERRORISTS / REFUGEES ? Their race & religion HATE the U.S., they HATE Americans, they HATE our religions & culture ! Their main objective in life is to KILL AMERICANS ! So WHY would ANYONE want to allow these INBRED TERRORISTS / REFUGEES into the U.S. TO KILL MORE AMERICANS ! If the LIBERALS have their way, there will be ANOTHER Civil War in the United States. [4] The stridency of this election with the candidates accusing each other of treachery and one threatening to jail the other and calling each other names, “crooked, ” “deplorable,” “base animals,” the candidates themselves and the American people should realize is heading the U.S. in the direction of a new Civil War. [4] The truth is, the American Civil war is already being waged by the divided elite, while the people, not the staged goons with spot lights on them, but the silent masses, are starting to peek behind the paradigm and take notes. [5] Perhaps it should come as little surprise that these people who so loathed Donald Trump the candidate are so thrilled with Donald Trump the president for firing 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles into a Syrian civil war that American voters are pretty adamant about staying out of. [4] If our nation dies by suicide, what method would we choose? A war between the states? As President during the Civil War, Lincoln oversaw the greatest loss of life on American soil. [4] To make a long story short, California, Texas and New York become the power bases for the 2nd American Civil War, and each carves out an empire from the mainland of allied or subjugated states, which add to the balance of resources. [4] The lasting defeat of the Islamic State and al Qaeda will take more than American firepower it will require a clear strategy to end the Syrian civil war. [4] WOULD A Chinese leader barely in control of his own country after a long civil war dare attack a superpower that had crushed Japan to end World War II five years earlier by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? As American troops pushed North Korean forces toward the Chinese border in 1950, Gen. Douglas MacArthur could not imagine so. [4] That, indeed, might spark a civil war since those Americans who supported Donald Trump are real patriotic Americans who refuse to continue to silently watch their country go down the drain. [4] The 8-year reign of our 44th president has left this country more bitterly divided, more indebted, and more at each other’s throats than at any time since the first Civil War. [4] Fortunately, the United Nations and the African Union have the necessary legal authorities to salvage the sovereignty of one their own member states by establishing an international administration, with an executive mandate, in South Sudan to run the country for a finite period of time, as described in a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Council Special Report, Ending South Sudan?s Civil War, published by the Center for Preventive Action. [4] It is worth remembering here that until the amendments passed following the Civil War altered the relationship between the federal government and the states, the states still recalled the time when they consider themselves to be sovereign, independent nations under the Articles of Confederation. [4] Our politicians have been priming the public for civil war since the house congress stopped agreeing and many states disagree with federal rulings like during the Dred Scott times that lead up to civil war. [4] Like the old divide between the agrarian South and the industrial North before the Civil War, this threatens to become what President Lincoln?s Secretary of State, William Seward, defined as an “irrepressible conflict.” [4] It is the late 2000’s, climate change has already changed the map, coastal cities wiped out, west and South, Louisianan lowlands gone, a plague is released resulting in South Carolina being quarantined, walled in, residents not allo A second civil war, a war over fossil fuel banned in the North but in the Southern states they still have plenty of resources and once again do not want to be dictated by those in the government. [4] We know that the North won the American Civil War but what if the South had emerged victorious? According to Abraham Lincoln, it was a war that didn?t just determine the future of the U.S.; it would also decide the future of mankind. [4] American War follows one displaced family through a late 21st century in which a civil war caused by lingering red-state/blue-state issues has devastated the rebel South. [4] It?s chilling to acknowledge it but we must: large sections of the American right want another civil war. [4] Leading the charge against the People is none other than billionaire villain George Soros, who experts closely studying the situation say is trying to incite the next American Civil War as part of an order-out-of-chaos scenario currently in the making. [4] People are quietly preparing for the worst and the recent huge spike in gun sales is an indicator of how scared Main Street Americans are of a possible Civil War 2. [4] We need to redefine American national identity in order to shore up forces for this upcoming civil war and to provide motivation for people to take action. [4] “If Hillary Clinton wins the election and she’s on that Second Amendment, taking your guns away, there is going to be a civil war in this state” or elsewhere in the country, the woman who identified herself as Brenda predicted, to some applause in Albuquerque, N.M. A woman at a Mike Pence rally asked the Vice Presidential nominee if Hillary Clinton would start another Civil War by taking people?s guns away. [4] For months now, long before the 2016 election, I have been warning about a specific social dynamic which is likely to lead to a form of civil war within the U.S.; namely, the reality that people on the left side of the political spectrum would become despondent at the inevitable loss of their candidate, Hillary Clinton, and that they would react by becoming far more militant. [4] While Cracked does briefly address the notion that a civil war could be triggered by the left in the U.S., their article was published before the election, clearly with the assumption that Donald Trump was bound to lose and that “right wing extremists” were the greatest threat to peace and stability in the wake of a Clinton presidency. [5] A civil war is not desired by the Right but come time to defend one’s home and family, the Left will suffer one of the greatest defeats of all time. [4] The good news is that the civil war will be between the right bad guys and left bad guys. [4] In a lot of ways, this amendment did even more harm to States rights than the Civil War and yes, I do understand what I’m saying. [4] The first Civil War (the Revolt against England) & the second Civil War (the Southern Revolt against the North) were the only times the red fuse went all the way into the powder house & set it off. [4] The first civil war took place during the American Revolutionary War, where Patriots fought against the Loyalists. [4] The American Civil War was the most devastating event in United States history. [4] The last thing Trump would want, judged by his statements before this week’s events, would be deeper American military involvement in Syria’s civil war without an end-state or an exit ramp that it can shape, let alone create. [4] Initially, the coming civil war could very well consist of one American unit facing off against another as we saw in the civil war. [4] He studies the American Civil War and Reconstruction as well as the American West. [4] This is the recruiting pool which will form the chess pieces of the coming American Civil War. [4] The Civil War had not completely resolved the battle over Federalism, and it wasn?t until the Great Depression that Americans required the federal government to assert itself. [4] The Neo-Confederacy movement takes root and spreads throughout the Old South and rekindles a sense of unity among the states who engaged on the side of the Confederacy during the First United States Civil War. [4] The case was tried in a federal court and no one was convicted, but the Christiana incident, sometimes referred to as the “first shots fired in the Civil War,” cause further bitterness, both sides. [4] The first step in fighting a civil war is demonizing the other side to the point that they’re now subhuman and ok to kill. [4] Trump is fighting a civil war, and like the first one, the battle lines are regional. [4] The first Civil War was about ideology, just like the second one will be. [4] I would like to advise those who think a Civil War II would be a piece of cake against the leftist sissies to read about CW I and the arrogance of the southern Whites, sure to win the war against an unprepared North. [4] This book took me longer to read than others recently and sometimes I would forget that it was a future U.S. civil war vs. the past civil war and I wondered more than once where in the world the story was actually heading (and was it actually heading anywhere)? There were days where I felt like I was making myself read it which I don’t always don but for some reason I wanted to keep reading. [4] Over the last few weeks a growing number of people have started wondering, “Is it possible the United States is heading for a new civil war?” Granted, most of those people are writers for sites like Russia Today or the Huffington Post, and thus slightly less credible than a handful of Bazooka Joe gum wrapper comics. [8] “You don’t try to generate a mass movement. you don’t try to get the state to crack down on you, instead you try to generate a sectarian civil war so intense it makes the society ungovernable. and then you bring forth a sort of rules based system to give people predictability.” [8] Civil war would result from an overextended state and subsequent, Malthusian check not from differences between inept people, who have no more culture or objective morality. [4] Cecily N. Zander is a PhD student studying the Civil War and nineteenth century U.S. History at The Pennsylvania State University. [4] A civil war would never happen in the U.S. again (the advent of nuclear technology has rendered that sort of thing obsolete here), but if it did, I wouldn’t put my money on the dust farmers and angry hicks just because you think they own a few more rifles If Hillary becomes president, the U.S. will witness a race between civil war & what may be the worst economic downturn in its history or both. [4] The U.S. government is going to be against us in any civil war scenario, regardless of who’s president. [4] With the U.S. government out of the picture, the chances of a diplomatic resolution between the two halves of Korea would be much higher, if for no other reason than that both societies would undoubtedly prefer to avoid the death and destruction the resumption of their civil war would produce. [4] By taking military action against the Assad regime he may have opened the door to greater U.S. intervention in a civil war in which Russia, which Trump has been accused of being too cozy with, is decidedly on the other side. [4] Why the shot heard round the universe? The U.S. becoming embroiled in a violent civil war will make Trump have to make a series of serious decisions because every single country with an adversarial stance towards us will smell blood in the water. [4] Have any of you given thought to Trump being part of the “elite”? His part was, and is, to creat havoc that will lead this country into civil war. [4] One of the best parts, for me as a reader, was his ability to bring the experience of contemporary civil wars as other parts of the world are experiencing them RIGHT NOW home to my own country. [4] All over the Right side of the blogosphere I keep hearing whispers “are we heading towards a civil war”? It is quite obvious that this nation is split and I would agree that the crevice is becoming a chasm. [4] The U.S. is the premiere global power right now, a civil war will swiftly transform into a global war. [4] Unfortunately, I think Cracked and their experts are right on this, and that a second American civil war will be multifaceted. [5] Personally I never would think people would want a Civil War in my life time (because I?m surly not ready for anything). [4] The Civil War was the first war in which people at home could absorb battle news before the smoke cleared. [4] The Civil War has been a Cold Civil War for years, at least since the first Obama term, but really longer. [4] June 3, 2014 President Bashar al-Assad is re-elected receiving 88.7% of the vote in the country’s first election since civil war broke out in 2011. [4] Let’s establish some facts here first: 2006-2007’s Civil War was far and away not only Marvel’s most commercially successful “event”/publishing endeavor of the last decade, but it was also arguably the comic book industry’s biggest commercial success story during that time (maybe someday someone will calculate all of The Walking Dead’s collection sales and we’ll have a healthy debate). [4] For the first time, I used the role-playing game “Reacting to the Past” (RTTP) to teach the sectional crisis and secession in my Civil War Era class. [4] According to the Financial Times, the Trump White House is fighting a civil war over trade. [4] Although it ignores the myriad ways in which the global economy has changed between then and now, Trump?s drawing upon the Republican Party?s protectionist past is illustrative of the long fight between economic cosmopolitanism and economic nationalism that helped define Civil War Era party politics and foreign relations. [4] They have undoubtedly set up things in Civil War that will pay off in the next two episodes, and in the future I may very well look back on it and appreciate it even more for the way (I hope) it will function as part of the larger whole. [4] The U.S. is just as politically polarized a Spain in 1936 and may well descend into Civil War in just the same way. [4] The U.S. is as politically divided as it was going into the Civil War, ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd said Friday before President-elect Donald Trump Donald Trump Pence christens USS Indiana attack submarine Climate March draws huge crowd to DC Trump tweets on day 100: Media ignoring ‘great optimism’ MORE ?s inauguration. [4] Set roughly 50 years from now after a second American Civil War, this mature debut novel feels all too plausible for political, environmental, and economic reasons. [4] These are the accounts of the Second American Civil War, also known as the Wars of Reunification and the American Warring States Period. [4] The second American revolution was fought over the sovereignty of the states, called the Civil War. [4] For one, the territorial battle lines between progressives and conservatives are not neatly drawn along state and regional lines like they were during the Civil War. [4] Sinisa also pointed out that most civil wars start after a loss of trust in the government, particularly law enforcement: “One of the defining features of any state is a legitimate monopoly on the use of violence.” [8] Additionally what is coming will be unlike any civil war in history, it will be very personal, the government will call the Patriots forces terrorists and traitors, they will arrest, intern, torture and murder suspected terrorists families, this will result in bloody reprisals which will start a vicious cycle lasting for years”. [4] The left ultimately wins by passive demographic replacement, so why would they want war? Yeah I know antifa has been escalating things lately, but this country has endured more intense civil unrest without coming close to another civil war. [4] Neighbouring Burundi is caught in a deep post-electoral crisis that threatens a resumption of civil warsome 300,000 people were killed in a 12-year civil war in the country between 1993 and 2005and the conflict may spill over its border. [4] Another country is in the midst of a civil war, and as a direct result of this civil war, members of the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world are not only committing a significant amount of resources to the conflict, but committing their lives as well. [4] Well the conflict and civil war two is a pretty meaty conflict much like the conflict in the original civil war. [4] The fundamental conflict in Civil War isn?t between hero teams, it?s about Superhero Smackdown Fun vs. Behaving Like A Goddamn Grown-Up. [4] Part of the idea at work here is that history has a mighty inertia; it takes a lot more than a little thing like the absence of the Civil War to transform its course utterly. [4] Civil war means the people have to wake the hell up and be a part of the solution because risking life and limb for no reason what so ever makes no sense. [4] North Korea and South Korea; North Vietnam and South Vietnam; North Yemen and South Yemen; Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan; the various civil wars that are taking place on the African continent and among the people of the former Soviet Union are all signs that the wise should reflect upon. [4] For one thing, it is highly unlikely that North Korea would resume the civil war, given that South Korea has a much more powerful military and a prosperous society to fund such a war. [4] As mentioned above, although the causes of the Civil War are still debated, it is difficult to imagine the Civil War occurring without recognizing the impact slavery had on the difficulties between the North and the South. [4] Everything I read described a near-future novel about a second Civil War, with the north and south tearing at each other once again. [4] During the Civil War, as Union troops moved deeper into the South, they eventually made their way to Epps?s Louisiana plantation. [4] It set offor hasteneda political realignment in which the Democratic “Solid South” abandoned an attachment dating to the Civil War. [4] I do want to point out as a historian myself, that your Historian friends gave you some very incorrect information about abolutionist being political failures and having no control in congress or a White House win prior to the Civil War. [4] Aside from being a giant fucking faggot OP is right, they are going to kick off the next civil war. [4] Prior to the right thing a civil war one as well the difference here is he’s got the experience of having been through this once before. [4] It’s inside I wanna bang my guess so much for coming on Tom Michael and it got to California thank you so much I’m well to keep we’re going to be back here in the next issue of marvel civil war hill height. [4] Now it is time to take stock of the sides of this coming civil war and a very clear picture is emerging. [4] Things that need to be considered are whether the existence of an armed society with the capacity for far more lethality than the ball and musket days of the civil war, communications and transportation -the availability and the vulnerability, the system of just in time supply and credit and the dependency they create, and most importantly, to which side does the military align? Too many variables, too much uncharted territory to make any predictions. [4] No one wants another civil war, so it’s time these Democrats get out of denial and into reality before we are left with no other choice. [4] If you read SJWs like this joker in HuffPo:, it should be clear: civil war has already been declared: by the left. [4] I was thinking a second U.S. civil war is gonna be like the Spanish Civil War. [4] In 2012, Small Wars Journal magazine, published a fictional essay titled “Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A “Vision? of the Future” which sketched out a scenario for how a second U.S. Civil War might arise in the year 2016. [4] In today?s issue: The immediate result of the attack on a Syrian airfield is that the U.S. is now “involved in a civil war on the wrong side,” Savage told his listeners. [4] David felt that any potential U.S. civil war would involve more than two sides. [8] I think the logical conclusion is that there will ultimately be civil war in the U.S. and in Europe. [9] I don’t think we have the naive politicians we had during the first civil war. [4] The outbreak of that civil war wouldn’t look all that different from the normal news cycle, at first. [8] In the best case scenario, The Left Coast and Northeast would secede from the United States, it would lead to a Second Civil War, and Heartland would emerge victorious in the conflict. [4] Prior to the Civil War, an estimated 80,000 veterans from previous conflicts lived in the United States. [4] If Trump loses to Hillary will the United States fracture and a civil war be triggered? Harry Dent wouldn’t be surprised. [4] In his book Enemies Within, author Trevor Louden divulges how a manufactured civil war would create the conditions necessary for the globalists to be able to take down the United States and implement the global government that they’ve been working toward for decades. [4] A revolution is generally an attempt to overthrow a government and establish a new one or break away from a nation and establish a new one independent of the original, a civil war an attempt by one faction or another to gain control of an existing government and leave it in place with them in exclusive and unchallenged control of it. [4] This has all gone on to the next level now. with warnings coming from Texas Governor Abbott and a number of police chiefs and sheriffs across the nation to Obama over his threats of gun confiscation starting a civil war and now even the leading Republican presidential candidate calling out the terrorist supporters and creators Obama and Clinton by name. [4] Other big game that is being hunted by both sides in the coming civil war will be bank accounts, which must be looted before the dormant computer digits we call money, can be converted into hard assets. [4] The narrator of the novel, who goes by the name Victor, tracks down runaway slaves in an alternate version of the United States in which the Civil War never occurred and four Southern states continue to support the ownership of human beings, or “Persons Bound to Labor,” as bureaucratic euphemism would have it. [4] El Akkad brings us to the 2070s when the United States is embroiled in another civil war, brought about less by political differences or racial divides, than by climate and science, creating a refugee situation and a need to fight over remaining land. [4] He said years of previous attempts to change Assad’s behavior had all failed, leading to continuation of the Syrian civil war and a subsequent refugee crisis that in destabilizing the region threatens the United States and its allies. [4] Every time I wanted to dismiss those headlines I thought about my visit to Ukraine last year, to cover their ongoing civil war. [8] Federal efforts to provide care for Civil War veterans did not include hundreds of thousands of individuals who experienced the pitch of battle and endured lasting complications from time spent in the military. [4] The Second Civil War in this country will have racial conflict, and religion issues. [4] This bleak dystopian story begins in the late 2000s when the second civil war is underway over conflict about climate change and the use of f He said that her country once occupied the most fertile land in all of the world; mother of sugar and mother of cotton and mother of corn. [4] The only way civil war might succeed is not by direct conflict between patriots and govt thugs who have will have a technological advantage. [4] We?re a long way from a civil war, just as we?ve come a long way on civil rights. [4] I think Russian backing is the only way to have hopes of fighting/winning an all-out civil war. [4] USSA is already in civil war and world war both, simultaneously. why people don’t notice it is because it is not the old, conventional dumb stupid style of war but the modern-day version of the chinese style of war fought without a single sword pulled or bullet shot. [4] Do you understand the reason behind our electing Trump user? Aside from the last shot at peaceful reform, it was also our goal to secure the support of the military in the event of a civil war. [4] The AU Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan, led by former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, in fact concluded in 2014 that the killings in Juba in December 2013, which sparked the civil war, and subsequent acts, constituted war crimes and crimes against humanity. [4] Mike Cernovich joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the evolution of the DeploraBall, the terrorist threats against the event exposed by James O?Keefe and Project Veritas, leftist violence during President Donald Trump?s Inauguration in Washington, DC, unsealing Jeffrey Epstein court records, how to prevent violence and avoiding civil war in the United States. [10] These two factors, the aggressive, unrelenting, opposition hating political parties, and their inherent ability to shape public opinion through the media lead the nation on a course which ends in civil war. [4] Stathis Kalvyas, a professor at Yale and expert on civil wars, pointed out that revolutionary political groups often find themselves heavy on college graduates and light on “specialists in violence. “, so they recruit “criminal types” as well as veterans who know how to operate “the kind of command and control systems that are necessary to carry out a war”. [8] Not until 1958, ninety-three years after the last shots of the Civil War, did Congress pardon Confederate soldiers and offer them every benefit Union soldiers had enjoyed since March 1865. [4] Our nation has clearly never been this divided since the Civil War. [4] In the unlikely (but possible) event the U.S. broke out in a new civil war, what would it look like? I rounded up every civilian and military expert I could find and asked them that question. [8] Only the Heavens above us know how it will start and what it will look like, but no matter how it happens, an Second American Civil War is bound to be one of the bloodiest conflicts in the world. [4] Rodney Howard-Brown, the con artist behind the whole “laughing in the spirit” thing that captured the imagination of charismatics 10 or 15 years ago, says that Donald Trump is going to win in a landslide and if he doesn’t, we’ll have another civil war. [4]

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