by Billy Roper

In my ‘Hasten The Day’ trilogy, about the aftermath of a new civil war and the breakup of America, I hypothesized that the LDS Church would have their stuff together and establish their own nation, called Deseret. I envisioned the Mormon theocracy as centering on Utah, of course, but extending into the southwest to border Aztlan, and to the north into the high plains. Spoiler alert, they eventually fight their way to the Pacific, cutting through California, as well. It’s what they’ve always wanted, since the mid-19th century.

For those not familiar with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I’ll be the first to say that their religious views are cultish, esoteric and non-scriptural. Their ‘Book of Mormon’ was purportedly given by the angel Moroni, descended from one of the ancient prophets in North America, to Joseph Smith. By definition apocryphal, it states that lost Israelites came here, blah blah blah. That’s not my point. My point is, they have their stuff together.

The LDS is still largely a governing theocracy, today, in Utah and its bordering environs. There have been surface accommodations, such as the outlawing of polygamy, with the rest of the United States, but Deseret is still very much alive. In the Church, the ‘White Horse Prophecy’ that the United States will collapse and Mormons will take the lead in reestablishing their own particular brand of law and order, is still very much canon.

This expectation achieves expression in their numerous and large-spread canneries, where non-perishable food is prepared, which members of the LDS are advised to maintain a year’s supply of on hand for their families. The prepping network of their communities runs deep and solid, in every majority Mormon town. Best of all, for them, they follow the orders of the Church, almost without question.

That’s why the latest announcement that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is divesting their teen young men from the Boy Scouts of America is big news from a balkanization awareness perspective.

The leaders of the Mormon Church aren’t hayseed rednecks, they are billionaire politicians and religious leaders who keep their eyes closely on national and global trending events, precisely because they want to be ready to take advantage of them in order to put Deseret into action. They have market experts, demographic analysts, and economic and political forecasters in their employ, by the score.

Those professionals have apparently now told them that the prophecy is about to be fulfilled. And, Deseret is going to need an army.

The removal of Mormon teens aged 14-18 from the Boy Scouts, ostensibly owing to the B.S.A.’s inclusion of homosexuals and transsexuals, and the establishment of a strictly LDS organization for them, should be a red flag to pulse takers of our nation’s health, too. The 185,000 young men will now be trained in paramilitary skills: discipline, fitness, teamwork, and even survival, self defense, and marksmanship, within the confines and chain of command of the LDS Church.

What to look for: First, a winnowing. Perhaps 100,000 will make the transition to the new organization, and the first year of the new structure will be modeled largely after the Boy Scouts, only without faggots, and more Mormon.

Next, they’ll add in some martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, long marches, unit drills, regimented formation exercises, deployment practice, and firearms safety training. Graduating LDS members will be encouraged to segue over into the Utah National Guard and Utah Army Reserves, where Church members are already 95% of many Units.

It’s what I would do, if I were them. Start them off with some humanitarian missions, built a cadre, instill in them a special sense of identity and purpose in line with the White Horse Prophecy, and in a couple of years, you have a Deseret military. When America buckles, they have control over all the military asset within their borders…including Camp Williams, the Deseret Chemical Depot, Kearns Army Air Base, and oh yeah, Hill Air Force Base, with its nuclear weapons.

Whether or not The Whitehorse Prophecy comes true, or not, a lot of people are making moves indicating that they believe the Hasten The Day prophecy will.  Now, the LDS Church is among them.