pictured: the families of Williams’ victims await his execution.

by Philip Holthoff

W.E.B. Dubois helped popularize the term “the talented tenth” by which he meant that ten percent of the African-American population, its leaders and shakers, were involved in trying to uplift the other ninety percent. I suspect DuBois’ formula is equally applicable to all humanity although the percentage may vary among different ethnic groups. Having met the family of Dominique Hurd ( who was studying to become a doctor)  I can indeed testify that she was part of that talented tenth, as was her family, and Williams was somewhere in the bottom ninety. Indeed when Williams received life in prison without parole he turned around to the Hurd family and smirked saying; “I bet y’all thought I was going to get the death penalty!” Three weeks into a life sentence Williams escaped by hiding in a trash can of table scraps and  escaped onto the open highway after the garbage truck exited the prison. I am told that Williams was seen in his prison whites walking along the highway that morning and the prison was even called and informed a prisoner was loose. Still the prison denied an inmate was loose and refused to do a headcount. Williams escaped on a Sunday morning, the prison did not do a headcount until seven PM. (So I am told) What I do know is someone was at fault as the Civil Service Commission awarded a settlement to my relatives. It was not, however, a substantial amount as the Civil Service Commission is limited by law on the amounts it is allowed to disburse as regards to settlements.