by Billy Roper

Overthinking, race-blind college PhD.s are creating algorithms to measure and predict polarization in social media, while the old fashioned controlled media defends its most overtly partisan members who are way past polarized on social media, themselves. Don’t these virtue-signalling liberals know that the Antifa have declared they’re going to get the bullet, too? On both sides, people can’t seem to be rushing to the far fringes fast enough. It’s a good thing I got here early and avoided the traffic. Here, I saved you a seat.

Those who have been followers of The Roper Report for a while may have read a past review of ‘American War’ which I featured on TRR. Foreign Policy just published a new discussion by Thomas E. Ricks of the novel about a new American civil war and its balkanized aftermath. I really like this quote from the book:

“In this part of the world, right and wrong ain’t even about right and wrong. It’s about what you do for your own.”

When it comes to the breakup of America, not all states will go one way or another in whole chunks. Some will be divided. This article by a northern Arkansas news station steps painfully through convoluted reasons why the northern half of the state is different from the southern half: oh, our accents, right? No, we all know that northern Arkansas is overwhelmingly White, and southern Arkansas is majority black. In fact, that’s why a lot of people who live in northern Arkansas have chosen to do so. Actually, about a third of the population in my 96% White county moved here on purpose from southern Arkansas, or Mississippi, or Louisiana, and not just for the scenery, either.

Meanwhile, anti-war mom Cindy Sheehan has joined the new effort to get a secession referendum for Caliexit on the ballot in California.

On Point Of View, Kirby Anderson agrees with Dennis Prager that a Second Civil War is beginning.

“If these mayors, police chiefs, and college presidents will do little to stop the violence, who will? Left-wing mobs will only be allowed to own the streets for so long before other Americans decide to take matters into their own hands. We can hope that does not happen and plead for restraint. But I think Dennis Prager is right. The Second Civil War could become violent.”

All of these stories, and more like them, have been published since I peacefully lay my head down last night to enjoy the sleep of the innocent. It’s hard to keep up, as more and more people are recognizing what’s coming and getting vocal about it. But, I’ll continue to do it, for you, dear readers, and for those who haven’t yet seen the balkanization looming. Help me shake them awake, will you? If you care about someone enough to want to see them survive the breakup of America, point them to my book, The Balk. It’s the best way you can show them how much they matter to you: you’d like to keep them around when the whole shithouse goes up in flames.