Sheila Kennedy writes in ‘The American Idea’ that party politics are becoming racial politics. Whites, who founded the country, have no overt political representation, like nonWhites do. This means that we must seek a redress of our grievances other than through electoral politics.

“Recent survey data provides troubling evidence that a shared sense of national identity is unraveling, with two mutually exclusive narratives emerging along party lines. At the heart of this divide are opposing reactions to changing demographics and culture.”

Republicans may be implicit and de facto representative of Whites, but only by default, and only as the rapidly leveling lesser of two evils. That is quickly changing as more and more Whites recognize that the government itself is anti-White.

“Jones shares polling results that highlight the very different worldviews of today’s Republicans and Democrats, and concludes that America’s increasing pluralism is something of an existential challenge to many of the country’s white Protestants.”

Yes, (((pluralism))) is an existential challenge to us, because it is a challenge to our existence.

“For its part, the Democratic Party is contending with the difficulties of organizing its more diverse coalition while facing its own tribal temptations to embrace an identity politics that has room to celebrate every group except whites who strongly identify as Christian. If this realignment continues, left out of this opposition will be a significant number of whites who are both wary of white Christian nationalism and weary of feeling discounted in the context of identity politics.”

Whites are becoming less wary of White Nationalism, and more weary of the ongoing demographic replacement of our people through literal genocide. Civic Nationalists like Sheila see the train coming straight at America, but they still want to stand astride the rails of history whimpering “Stop!”.

Train kept a rolling, all night long…