The lamentations of the women of both genders over at the Communist Redneck Revolt facebook page continues unabated. They’re just working their way through the snowflake stages of grief because they got unmasked and lacked the courage to continue with their planned anti-White protest which they had scheduled for May 27th, before the ShieldWall Network successfully alerted the community about what the Communists were intending, and whom they were. The weeping, wailing, kvetching, and moaning by the Mountain Home John Brown Gun Club domestic terrorist anti-Whites is a very amusing show, if you need something funny to cheer you up. Here’s a taste of some of their most recent crybaby antics:

Kathryn Jones Merry- I am so sorry. It’s sad to think the rights of peaceful citizens are threatened at such a personal level. I admire your courage to put people and safety first.
Mark Eastburn
Mark Eastburn- Sorry you got scared off. This was only to be expected. I would love to see this kind of gathering happen. There are worse things than being hurt or even dieing. As always everyone is responsible for their own wellbeing. I considered what might happen but I feel it is more important to make the statement. I know this isn’t going to be uncancelled but Jesus Christ it makes me sick.
Jillian Guthrie- I lived and worked as a Social Worker/Mental Health therapist in Harrison for 10 years before moving for more opportunity and a community that better reflects my values and beliefs. I always said I was “working from the inside” to help elevate and evolve/open the thinking and beliefs in Boone County. My favorite gig was teaching Sociology at Northark. Challenging and having open nonjudgmental discussion re: the long-held teachings of the culture and the families within it – is the best way to bring change in the larger sense. Talk with the teen and young adult folk please, and find ways to hold open discussions with those who have a little room for exploring their beliefs. And though keeping folks safe as possible is definitely a consideration – much is out if your control and actions they may have threatened or moved to take – could bring awareness and change as well. There’s going to have to be a lot of discomfort as more of us stand for what we bekieve and want to see for our towns, counties, states and nation. I’m in the effort with y’all! Thank you for the work you are doing.
LauraJo Smole- A difficult decision to have made. Keep your strength and focus.
The ShieldWall Network will continue to keep an eye on these Communists and their supporters, and gather legally available information about them.