by Billy Roper

If you read the comments today on the new The Roper Report (TRR) podcast, you’ll see that some people have different priorities than I do. Surprise, surprise, huh? They’re obsessed with muh Constitution and the rule of law. All that’s gone wrong with America, they mewl, is that citizens have become less educated and active in their civic duties.


To me, such blithering is like obsessing over the blueprints of the Titanic while the rest of us are trying to man the lifeboats for New America. The United States is done, stick a fork in it. The Constitution failed, because the Founders were not racially explicit enough in it, and underestimated their progeny’s naivete and cuckoldry. Let’s move on.

Likewise, in his most recent political column, paleo-conservative Pat Buchanan, who has often come close enough to the truth to be singed by it, calls for Civic Nationalism because America has become rootless and without direction. Back to the big boat analogy, we’ve lost our rudder. And, he’s right up to a point, yep, that’s a big block of ice. No, we can’t steer around it or slam on the brakes in time. So, what to do? Stir drinks and wait for the collision to provide the rocks? Pore over the schematics and vote on whether the thing really is too big to sink, or not? Nope.

Buchanan comes down on the side of Civic Nationalism: law and order, wrapped in the flag, assimilation and patriotism. In other words, full steam ahead, and try to hit the ice hard enough to break on through to the other side.

Brace for impact.