by Billy Roper

Just as I initially predicted, an intelligence operative has come forward admitting that the ‘chemical attack’ on the Syrian town of Khan Skeykhoun was a false flag event designed to give Zionist shill Donald Trump an excuse to turn against Syrian President Assad. Trump,controlled by his Jewish family and the Zionist deep state, signaled this policy flip-flop away from his prior position by launching 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the al-Sha’aryat airbase in Syria. The end game is to destabilize and balkanize Syria, breaking it up between the Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis. That will give Israel a weaker neighbor, and also I now prophecy that Greater Israel will end up controlling the Golan Heights border area. Watch for it.

Then, they’ll create another wave of nonWhite Muslim refugees to flood Europe with. Probably the U.S., too. WHILE our men (and women) are dying over there to tear the country up, which they will be doing, mark my words. See how that works?

Caveat: The Kurds won’t be satisfied with just northern Syria, they’ll want an area of northern Iraq and of northeastern Turkey, too, which already is causing tension between the NATO member which hosts the Incirlik Air Base for the U.S.. This was a subject under discussion yesterday when Trump met with Turkey’s president, guaranteed. I can also guarantee that it wasn’t resolved to the satisfaction of Erdogan, whose bargaining position was weakened as much by the optics of Antifa getting slapped around outside the Turkish embassy Tuesday, as by his false flag coup attempt and purge last year.

Liberals in America are convinced, wrongly, that we call them “snowflakes” because the ashes of cremated Jews looked like snowflakes falling down from the sky. That would be a more romantic picture, but actually it’s because they each think that they’re unique, precious, and irreplaceable, just like snowflakes are in their crystalline structure. That comes from a lifetime of getting achievement trophies and being steeped in individualism…of a collectivist doublethink variety which makes it possible for them to simultaneously embrace Marxism and Anarchism, and glorify identity politics for some identities, while fearing and loathing it for others. Therefore they support gay rights and feminism, and they also support importing Muslims who stone women to death for talking out of turn and throw homosexuals off of rooftops. Not that I have a problem with Muslim’s policy on  gays, except for the public nuisance of cleaning up the mess on the sidewalk afterwards. I’m just point out liberals’ obvious hypocrisy. Progs’ two-faced support of Israel and ISIS’s interests in Syria is yet another example of their cognitive dissonance.

Now, the government of Syria is being accused by the Trump administration of committing mass murders and then cremating the bodies to hide them. The war agitators and Zionists WOULD call it a holocaust, at least with a lower case ‘h’, but of course that word is trademarked. Oh, and here come the stories of torture. Once before the Syrians were accused of mass murder, until it turned out that the shocking pictures used as ‘evidence’ were actually of killed Syrian Army soldiers. Just like Jews use pictures of dead German soldiers in their Holohoax propaganda.

You see, the enemies of humanity only have so many moves in their playback. They depend on the goyim not paying attention when they put the same lies on a feedback loop and repeat them. If you do recognize the patterns of their deception, you’re supposed to be too gutless at this point to speak up about it. If you do speak up about it loudly enough to be heard past their shrill chutzpah filled shrieking, they count on you being WAY too cucked and emasculated by now to ever actually DO anything about it, again.

That’s what they think about you.

Are they right?