If you’re like me, you’d prefer NOT to eat with, or otherwise socialize or congregate with, nonWhites. I fully support their call for racially segregated restaurants, hotels, professional associations, governments, continents, and planets. However, of course at this time it’s purely a one-way street. Only Whites are denied the right to White living spaces and cultural institutions. That’s discrimination, and as we’ve been told for a long time, now, discrimination is wrong.

White People Banned From Cafe As National Association Of Black Journalists Demand Segregation

American University has been at the center of an episode of leftist “racism” panic recently, and they have decided to “fight back” against “racism”. This new method of fighting “racism” is apparently accomplished by banning White students from the newly opened Bridge Cafe as the National Association Of Black Journalists demand segregation. Bridge Cafe was said to have been created to be a place for students and student organizations to meet and discuss things or plan activities, as well as hold events such as slam poetry.

The recent event of “racism” that American University is claiming to be responding to by banning White students from this Cafe refers to a “pre-meditated banana assault”. The incident involved students hanging bananas on a pole, which two unidentified students have claimed responsibility for as a practical joke with no racial intent. Despite the fact that the students involved explained there was no racial intent behind their practical joke, the university withheld this information from students and press until it was retrieved through a Freedom of Information Act request. Also, the University knowing that there was, in fact, no racist intent behind these pranks did not stop the FBI from getting involved, wasting tax dollars and precious FBI time on a hoax.

This has created a very hostile environment for conservative students and staff. Even in Ivy League institutions such as Yale, over 75% of students felt that conservative ideas were unwelcome as opposed to over 98% saying that liberal ideas were welcome. This case is not even a rarity, almost all universities are awash in leftist propaganda and despite all of the rhetoric about “diversity” and “openness”, there is an extreme hostility to a diversity of opinion. As it is with most things, it’s likely that the reason for this is because of liberal corruption and subsidization of academia. The left, unable to sell their ideas in the free market, instead relies on the government to steal tax dollars to fund them instead…(snip)