Billy Roper’s new steampunk alternate history novel, ‘Commonwealth‘ is being made available in an immediate second edition through Lulu published by ShieldWall Press for only $5.00 per print paperback copy, which is HALF the price of the same new book through Amazon Books.

Here is the link to get your copy of ‘Commonwealth’ for just $5.00.

The author is willing to forego most of his royalty profits this way in order to help the message of the book reach more people.

‘Commonwealth’ not only envisions a North America where slavery never happened, but a world virtually free of Jewish power and influence: and a narrative which is clear about why both of these changes are a good thing.

The plot of ‘Commonwealth’ is driven by action, espionage, political intrigue, romance (some scenes may not be suitable for children) and suspense, tied up in a steampunk alternate history story with engaging, complex characters and deeply researched historical background. The author of the acclaimed ‘Hasten The Day’ balkanization trilogy scores again with his fifteenth published book! (other titles here)

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