by Billy Roper

Many parts of southern Texas are already de facto Mexican territory. I’ve visited and traveled there on several occasions, and seen it firsthand. In addition to holding anti-immigration demonstrations at the historic Alamo in San Antonio, I’ve gone on border security fact-finding missions from El Paso to Brownsville, and even crossed over into Nuevo Laredo, Juarez, Reynosa, and other Mexican cartel-ruled regions.

Now, the governor of Texas has signed into law a bill denying some of the Mexican cities ostensibly on the north side of the former border from declaring themselves officially sanctuary cities. In response, the Jewish-led anti-White ACLU has issued a travel advisory to Latrinos, warning them not to visit Texas. Well, it’s a bit late. I wish they would have warned them off twenty years ago.

Hey, ACLU, can you please issue a nonWhite travel advisory for the whole country? Thanks.