Our May 20th ShieldWall Network Arkansas (SWNAO) meeting in Harrison, Arkansas, was the largest yet of the recently formed organization, with 33 people in attendance, several of them new affiliates. The men and women present enjoyed good food together, shared literature, bought books and CDs, and discussed face to face many of the issues affecting our people, and what we can do on a local level in our own communities to affect real change and prepare for what is coming.

After the door prize give-aways and introductions, old business discussed included the Cover Our People With Love pro-White charity community benefit projects; unmasking and doxxing Antifa, child molesters, and other undesirables; the Shield Maidens WN lady’s group; local volunteerism; the Tomorrow Belongs To Me Sobriety program, Pocahontas Flood Relief donations; the 10th anniversary David Lane Memorial raffle; our partnership and overlap with other organizations, and the ShieldWall Network 5 step grassroots community activism challenge.

Future projects planned for the summer which were discussed included next weekend’s stand with the League of the South and other Nationalists in Harrison in the anti-Antifa rally on May 27th, which League of the South state chapter leader RG Miller spoke about; our July 4th literature distribution flyer design and delivery strategies, which a Missouri ShieldWall Network affiliate gave a presentation on, and continued expansion of the ShieldWall Network Academic Scholarship program as an outreach to college-aged young people, which a central Arkansas ShieldWall member is spearheading. We also discussed the details and activities planned as a part of our summer 3 day SWN campout taking place at the end of the July.

Immediately following the meeting we inflated, prepared, and then released dozens of red balloons (with flyers attached picturing and describing the fates of the victims) in honor of ten selected representative victims of White genocide in observation of White Remembrance Day. Ten SWN affiliates, seven men and three women, made up the balloon release team. An upcoming article will feature many pictures of the red balloon release, which we did on a bridge overlooking the city park where a local festival was taking place, witnessed by hundreds of people.

Antifa did not disrupt the event. Police did not interfere with it. Almost three dozen White patriots, a quarter of whom had never met one another before, came together in common cause in the ShieldWall Network. All of them went away glad that they did. They recognize that we will not regain control over our destiny as a people by posting online and fighting meme wars. They are ready for IRL, real world cooperation and camaraderie. They are ready to become persons of influence in their communities. They are leaders, in a growing leadership cadre.  If you’d like to see what it’s all about, come see if you have what it takes to stand with us in The ShieldWall Network.

Next up: May 27th anti-Antifa rally, Harrison, Arkansas, e-mail roper_billy@yahoo.com for details.