The Mudsharkians patented mudsharking as a profession. They have zero talent, excluding marketing themselves as toad-lovers who will give up those fat asses to any black buck with a name and some cheddar, yet they are in the eyes and ears of anyone not blind or deaf. Now that the (((media))) has desensitized Murica with their constant onslaught of the Mudsharkian soap opera, Muricans have become bored with them (degeneracy is a stairway to a psychological hell; today’s taboo is tomorrow’s norm). Just as excessive porn causes erectile dysfunction, excessive mudshark promotion by the (((you-know-who’s))) has Muricans looking for the next pretty blond who will let some low IQ beast fondle her on the red carpet. She doesn’t need talent, just a pretty face and the morals of a blind and broke harlot in desperate need of a fix.

Enter one Lindsey Vonn. A snow skier who rode Tiger’s dong to fame. After Tiger tapped that ass to his ethnically striped heart’s content, he gave her the boot (or maybe she tired of role-playing as Tiger’s kinky white slut with a fetish for black cock and bailed). Apparently, Vonn dated Brittany Spears’ ex, and nobody paid much attention (he wasn’t dark enough). So, she decided to restore her claim to fame and go back to the dark as a mudshark.

The eyes are the window to the soul. The emptiness in those eyes says it all (maybe not it all, cause “don’t want no short, short man,” is blaring from a jukebox somewhere). That blank stare into the camera is sad. Seriously, this chick got a sample of fame and it ruined her. Just go look at her Instagram. Every picture screams, “look at me, I’m beautiful…. aren’t I? I mean, I’m in my 30s, don’t I look good? Doesn’t my ass look amazing? C’mon, brothers, I’m showing you that booty, is it big?”

The (((media))) consumed her essence, and in the end (((they))) will chew her up, and spit her out (just like Tyrone does a leg bone). The Mudsharkians are Armenians, so they’re born gold diggers. Look at KK, she knew that big ass was starting to get all cottage cheezy, and found a rich rapper to impregnate her, which in turn secured the financial existence for her and her child. But Vonn is of Norwegian decent and has that soulless gaze, so she’s either a sociopath or stupid (maybe both). Either way, if anyone questions the anti-white agenda of the (((media))), question no more. It’s not a conspiracy, Goy. (((They))) hate you!

Voltaire once said, “judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” Here’s a couple questions: I challenge you to name one snow skier, man or woman (cause, you know, I ain’t genderist and sheeit). If Lindsey Vonn (or the Mudsharkians, for that matter) “dated” white men, would you know who she was? The (((mind shapers))) only care about snow skiers if they’re attractive blond mudsharks. Why? No white male in his right mind wants to see some attractive white woman with a dindu (if you do, you’re a cuck). And white women are an extension of white men (the rare exception being the rug-munching feminazis), so why do (((they))) deem mudsharking as news for the Goy? Is it virtual clickbait similar to rubber-necking a bad car wreck? Sure, with the end game being white genocide. Every thing happens for a reason. White genes are recessive, and miscegenation is inevitable in a multiracial society. The proprietors of globalism are also the proprietors of white genocide.

In a healthy white society women like Lindsey Vonn wouldn’t have to sleep with short groids to feel appreciated and worthy. Her desires for fame and fortune would be fulfilled by the love for her white husband and a future for her white children. Who’s to blame, you ask? You are, white man!