by Billy Roper

At noon on Saturday, May 27th, in Harrison, Arkansas, there will be an anti-AntiFa rally. It is being led by the League of the South and supported by The ShieldWall Network and other Nationalists. Last weekend, because I was literally unable to be in two places at once, the anti-White domestic terrorists and Communists made a laughable showing in Hot Springs where they were faced down by Confederate statue defending civic nationalists, then pranced away and declared victory.

I know, I’m not the most meek and modest guy, I own that. But they literally are spinning it as a victory because I wasn’t there, and they got a couple of people to disavow me. Okay. I’ll be in Harrison Saturday. Come say hi. Leave your masks and your purses at home, but bring some of those cute red and black flags, I want to take some home as souvenirs.

If you want to come stand with the League of the South and their allies and supporters in The ShieldWall Network, Harrison could be fun this weekend.