South Africa is up the proverbial creek and has been for years. To further compound the problems, the paddle is broken and the bailing bucket’s bottom fell out long ago. However, before I take you down the road and up the creek, I’d like to mention two things. First, I chose the picture which led Part 1 of this series and Mr. Roper was kind enough to agree with my suggestion. As a reader commented, a few seconds after that photo was taken, the then-unarmed surviving AWB general with his hands up was indeed shot dead by a black Bophutatswana homeland policeman. In choosing that picture, my idea was to show you, the readers, what happens when men who have the will to act against anarchy are manipulated into action and then betrayed, for it is the theme which flows through South Africa’s reality and the stories I’ll tell you in Part 2. Second, I saw an error in Part 1 just before beginning to write this. I wrote that Commandos were disbanded in 1998, when in fact the government announced the beginning of what they expected would be a six year-long process of disbandment in 2003, which was completed in 2008. Thus the Commando system ceased to exist in 2008, not 1998. I make efforts to be accurate, but sometimes mistakes slip through repeated checks. The error is mine, and so is the responsibility to apologize for it. Dear readers, I am sorry.


Nations are not monoliths. They represent the aggregate of millions of people, their dreams, nightmares, hopes, disappointments, and most importantly, stories. As such, a nation’s history is made up of countless stories, big and small, which by virtue of human beings’ instinctive need to be social form what appears to be a great river. As such, it is only fitting that in discussing the great South African river, I begin with an insignificant rivulet.

I was a student at a private university in 1998, “way back when I had more hair but less sense” as I often say. We used to get a free copy of the Student Life magazine and for the most part it dealt with students’ issues. One month, I read an article which would make quite an impression on me. It was supposedly based on a conversation the author had with the child of an unnamed senior ANC official, who told him there was a group composed of black people who believed the whites got off lightly in 1994, and they wanted to do something about that. They called themselves the Ministry of Revenge…

Apparently these people were a powerful cabal in government and business sectors, and they constantly looked for ways to hurt the whites as retribution for apartheid. The reporter wrote it was they who had concocted the ideas of converting identity documents, driver’s licenses and gun licenses into card format (they used to be mere stamps or stickers in the ID book), and given that back then it was mostly white people who owned cars and guns, they would have to apply for re-issue once every few years while the government and companies which made these documents would profit from the fees and cause them no end of hassle. I discounted the story as soon as I read it, thinking that it was strange a wannabe reporter for a student magazine would uncover a story when “serious” newspapers such as the Sunday Times didn’t, but the more I thought about it over the following three or four years and saw that gun and driver’s licenses were indeed converted to card format (identity documents followed years later, the process is ongoing) and that there was at least one company (back then owned by the Shaik family, benefactors of Jacob Zuma) which got the contracts, not to mention all the horror stories of incompetence and hassles people still have in getting these documents, the more credible it became. Furthermore, I became increasingly aware of a pattern of actions which pointed to an agenda that was contrary to stated South African government policy of the time, and which was shrouded in a dense fog of concealment where I could only sometimes perceive vague things that implied a much bigger and darker structure. Over the last sixteen years, this picture has become clearer, but I still haven’t seen the whole thing.

At best one would call this a conspiracy theory. Absent documentary proof or detailed testimonies from some of those who are allegedly involved, that’s all it remains. I certainly never saw another article like it again in any newspaper or magazine, and no South African I’ve ever spoken to had any idea what I was talking about. The truth is out there as Fox Mulder used to say in the X-Files, but when there’s no evidence, conjecture is all there is. The problem is that conjecture keeps leading to uncomfortable questions, especially since one sees daily proof of the destruction wrought upon South Africa and its people by increasingly blatant and daring corrupt networks entrenched in the country’s government and business sectors. Somebody is benefiting from all of this and the rot clearly serves some interests, otherwise it wouldn’t have been allowed to continue. This in turn leads one to question who is benefiting and why they are doing it, what the end game is, and the answers keep coming up “scary”.

The truth about this may be concealed, but here’s the visible truth of race relations in post-apartheid South Africa. Goodwill has been vanishing since 1999, when Thabo Mbeki became president, the public narrative is increasingly anti-white and nastily inflammatory, crime is also increasing in its presence and brutality while there are documented cases of official incompetence and neglect of reported problems, and if in the United States you have “driving while black” (with good reason, considering which racial group commits the most crimes), in South Africa we have “speaking while white”. You see, white South Africans have been keeping quiet for a long time about the declining health of the country because prior to the elections of 1994 the ANC and National Party negotiated a settlement which gave blacks political power while whites had the economy. The implication was that whites would stay out of politics and not cause any inconvenience to the ANC agenda for the country. To that end, white leaders have been constantly undermined and vilified in public forums, their foibles and failures exposed in as vicious a manner as possible and whites kept in a fairly helpless state while blacks began to increase their hold on power- political at first, but in the last 10-15 years, also increasingly economic.

This began with anti-white legislation such as Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment and Employment Equity, but is now spreading to business and land ownership patterns, government interference in and mismanagement of the economy, the political pivot towards Russia, China and Iran which is slowly eroding individual freedom in the country and threatens the safety of white people in South Africa. Given the amount of white blood that’s been shed for the last 50 years in Africa, what this means to South Africans is as simple as it is frightening- we’re slowly being pushed towards the brink of destruction and the country faces the risk of a racially motivated civil war anytime between 2 and 7 years from now. My analysis of events over the last twenty-odd years points to this because in the history of the African continent no democratic regime lasted as such more than 25-30 years, a good example being Robert Mugabe’s attacks on whites after being in power for about 25 years and the decline into impoverished chaos of that country. Then there are the histories of countries such as Liberia, Sierra Leone, Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Angola and Mozambique among others, the decline in the ANC’s support and its desperation to hold on power along with what it has been doing to keep what it has, and the approaching milestones of 25 years of so-called democracy and national elections in 2019 (when the ANC is expected to lose by a slim margin against the opposition coalition and begin to make the country ungovernable) along with an expected worsening of the country’s situation until 2024, which will mark the outer limit of an African democratic regime’s survival, after which typically follows a one-party dictatorship characterized by genocidal civil war, oppression and dispossession for the benefit of a ruling corrupt elite. Now, you would think that being faced with the prospect of war and genocide, whites would make efforts to strengthen ties among themselves and unite, but you’d be wrong, for they have done almost nothing of the sort unless you count the mostly white protesters against the results of Jacob Zuma’s firing of finance minister Pravin Gordhan- and what did that accomplish? Absolutely nothing. In fact, it showed that most whites would come together only when their financial interests are threatened, gave ammunition to black politicians and “intellectuals” who falsely called the protesters racist, and pushed up the emigration and capital flight indexes by a few percentage points while Jacob Zuma jumped on Julius Malema’s “white monopoly capital” and “radical economic transformation” bandwagon.

So who among the whites are more joined and concerned about the fate of the country to do anything about it? Unsurprisingly, it’s those who belong to or sympathize with so-called rightwing organizations. These people are the only ones with the military training, intelligence connections and skills to evaluate information as well as possess the will to go down while fighting, to have foreseen long ago the destination of the road South Africa is on. Yet thanks to government propaganda, the majority of whites discount them as dangerous and racist paranoid kooks who long for the “good old days” of apartheid. Undoubtedly some of them do, but if anything, these people are deeply concerned about their racial and national future because they have been given more than enough reason to be. To that end, most of these groups and organizations are drafting and implementing defensive plans in case the feces strike the air conditioning. As self-defense groups, they pose no threat to the government. However, that’s not the way the black-dominated state sees them.

If there is one thing the ANC and black people in general fear most, it is the idea that whites will come together and bring back apartheid. Contrary to their paranoid beliefs, there is no justification for thinking this, and I’ll tell you why. Based on personal experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that in this country the number of people capable of planning and executing such an uprising with all the attendant bloodshed is 1 man in about 450. The number of people who can kill without remorse or psychological damage is about 1 in 100, and number of people who are willing to publicly stand up for the truth regardless of the consequences (often death and personal destruction) is 1 in 75. As far as I know, all of these statistics have only been embodied by one man, and he was 1 in 2.000, whom the South African National Defence Force (actually a Farce) had declared “potentially dangerous!” (direct quote from a confidential report, exclamation mark and all) and whom they basically destroyed. The man never did anything to this country, and if the statistics I gave you earlier hold true, there are around 35-40 of them in the entire South African military. That’s a mere platoon… The guy was never a threat, even after he was given plenty of justification by the SANDF . On the contrary, then and later he used his skills to expose flaws and blind spots in a nationally relevant security system, then suggested ways to remedy those problems, only to be laughed at until some of the incidents he foresaw actually happened. And yet… And yet the man’s been subjected to defamation campaigns, falsely accused of espionage among many other nasty things, spent months under surveillance and to this day every SANDF officer he’s ever encountered on a professional level runs like hell from him. Honestly, even this guy is not a threat like the black-dominated SA government thinks of others. He’s just one man. There are others who are equally concerned, and they have suffered even worse fates.

As I wrote earlier, you would think the whites recognize the danger they’re in right now and have been for a long time then join to protect each other, but you’d be wrong. Although the story is at least 15 years old, there is a case which embodies how the ANC-led government sees white people and any attempts on their part to protect themselves from what they see coming their way. It has a number of troubling aspects, but by far the most disturbing is how it was used as justification to remove farmers’ protection from the Commando units and thus led to the thousands of savage murders we sometimes read about. I’m talking about the so-called “Boeremag treason trial” and the conspiracy of manipulation of both media and the public in order to blind them to what was actually going on behind the scenes, as well as the actual treason committed not by the Boeremag members, but by civil servants, and which was motivated by nothing more than crass personal ambition combined with the ANC-led government’s paranoia.

Broadly speaking, these rightwing guys were Afrikaners of whom some had military experience, among them a former Special Forces (Recce) operator. What I remember of the narrative fed to the public, is that in the beginning news broadcasts were full of panicked and speculative reports, most having to do with an explosion on railway tracks somewhere in Soweto. In short order, it was found that a black woman was killed and her husband wounded while both were sleeping. Apparently it was due to a piece of rail which was hurled nearly a mile by the explosion. Within hours the group responsible was identified and a manhunt began. They were quickly arrested and paraded before the media, while newspapers and magazines carried stories of yet another group of extreme right wingers who were hell-bent on killing black people and starting a racial war. The cops were saying that it was a close-run thing, that it was only by a miracle a war didn’t start, and so on. The journalists didn’t ask many questions, such as how the suspects were identified and caught so quickly, how the cops knew so much about them yet they’d been able to pull off at least three bombings (the second was a mosque and a third bomb hit a gas station), or how hitting a railway line was going to do more than briefly inconvenience commuters in a country where most public transportation is on the roads…

Until then, ordinary people had never heard of the Boeremag, or Farmer Force as it’s called in English. They know of the AWB and remember how they tarred and feathered a white guy they didn’t like, their attempt to disrupt the ANC-NP negotiations at the World Trade Centre and the ill-fated invasion of Bophutatswana which ended with the deaths of three AWB generals. Thanks to a lot of government propaganda bandied about by the media and some right wingers’ mistakes, the average South African thinks of these groups as nothing more than hair-trigger thugs just one second away from a mindless orgy of violence. The truth is quite different. Most of these men and women are concerned about what’s been going on in South Africa since the NP announced it was entering into negotiations with the ANC and other groups, and the destination at the end of the road this country has been on since 1989. That’s a long time to be concerned, and a lot to be concerned about. Worse, as Afrikaners, they have no sympathetic ear among those who occupy the seats of power and very few people to turn to without being betrayed, and this makes them doubt the government as well as engenders an existential-level sense of being under a threatening siege. Well, how else are they going to see things when those who once led them as a people abandoned them to the less than tender mercies of a government made up of their former enemies?

I need to go back a century in South Africa’s history for a little bit, in order to explain why most self-defense groups are dominated by Afrikaners. The Afrikaner nation isn’t just Dutch-based. In it is the blood of some Portuguese, French Huguenot and Germans, most of whom left their countries in search of a better life and to avoid religious persecution. Their concerns and memories formed a very religious nation which is conscious of the overwhelming odds it fought against when it took on everything from the Zulus and Xhosas to the might of the British Empire, and that twice! Forgive the profanity, but these people weren’t fucking around. They made a covenant with God and promised to look after the land for His eternal glory, and that was a serious thing. So, while the British fought to conquer, the Afrikaners fought to defend and given the covenant they had made, there was no backing down from that responsibility until genocide threatened their very existence as a people. Still, genocide wasn’t the only thing that stopped them. Betrayal played an important role too, for among them were those too morally weak to stand against the British, and who saw an advantage to be gained from cooperation with a rapacious oppressor. The English wanted the gold and diamonds. All the Afrikaners wanted was to have a country where they could worship their God in peace and make the land better than they got it. Such a fight, actually two wars and subsequent decades of struggle against British domination, would forever instill in the collective soul of the Afrikaner nation an unflinching commitment to the country which encompasses so many ideas that it goes far beyond the mystical or religious. It is what makes them Afrikaners and even now drives these men and women to circle wagons and stand guard with a wary eye on any trouble. God knows they have fought, bled, killed and died in their thousands, and as custodians of the land on God’s behalf, they see it as their holy duty to defend it and its people of the Covenant. Thus it is unsurprising they form the majority of members in self-defense groups.

As I mentioned above, it was betrayal which combined with the genocide of British camps and the scorched earth policy that eventually forced them to surrender. Come to think of it, that betrayal never ended and they haven’t had a decent leader since the days of Paul Kruger and some of his generals. This sad state of affairs led them down some dark paths during the 20th century and currently poses a serious risk to the survival of the Afrikaner nation because the engineered lack of respectable leaders has fragmented the people and made them vulnerable to what’s to come. The last hard core Afrikaner to lead South Africa was P.W. “Ou Krokodil” Botha. A tough, stern man, he was widely ridiculed for his Rooi Gevaar (Red Peril) philosophy of a communist onslaught against the country and stubborn insistence to ensure the survival and prosperity of the whites in defiance of pretty much the entire world. What many didn’t know back then and understand only a little now, is that P.W. Botha was right in those two respects. First, there really was an international communist agenda against South Africa. Romania had a global strategy to spread communism (including in South Africa), called Red Horizon, and if a country a quarter the size of South Africa with about half its population (on another continent to boot) could entertain such a design, just imagine it and other such plans harnessed to the one that was driven by the Soviet Union… The white people of South Africa were and still are a minority, at most 4.500.000 out of a population of at least 55.000.000. By virtue of historical events and what successive NP-led governments did during the 20th century, they faced a lot of enemies and had only a small chance of survival. Botha understood this clearly and along with others tried to give them enough of a standing that they’d make it through war or negotiations with enough power to guarantee their long term survival. To that end they had relations with as many governments as possible, developed nuclear weapons, did chemical and biological weapons research, and engaged in a ruthless broad-spectrum COIN campaign against “liberation movements” in order to weaken them sufficiently so they’d never be an overwhelming conventional threat. It was the results of these efforts along with the determination to fight until the country turned to ashes if they couldn’t receive security guarantees that forced the ANC and other parties to the negotiating table and prevented an epic slaughter.

However, what hurt them most was the betrayal they suffered at the hands of their leaders both before and forever after the elections of 27 April 1994. South African whites are quite religious and ethical people. Much of what their leaders ordered them to do was morally wrong, though born of desperate necessity, and a great deal of it was shrouded in secrecy by the Official Secrets Act. As such, the vast majority of whites really had no idea what the NP government did, most who had served in the military saw and understood very little, while only a relative handful of men at the top of the government had comprehensive knowledge- and these guys were scared of the reckoning that threatened to come their way, so they made a deal with the ANC… These men found themselves lacking the intestinal or testicular fortitude to assume responsibility for the orders they had given for so long, and in order to avoid very long prison sentences or swinging from the gallows a la the Nuremberg Trials, they manipulated the whites to make the NP the biggest opposition party in post-apartheid South Africa with around 40% of the vote, then parlayed that into maneuvering room for themselves while they left their constituents to carry the bag wholesale- and then disbanded the party, after which some even joined the ANC. This left whites at the mercy of a very angry ANC, which found itself without anybody to hang and thus eventually (behind the scenes from 1994 to 1999) began an increasingly overt anti-white campaign after Thabo Mbeki became president.

The whites were horrified by what was revealed during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings. A few pawns were hung out to dry, such as colonels Eugene de Kock and Gideon Nieuwoudt along with a few of their subordinates, but none of the political leaders have ever seen the inside of a prison to this day. The TRC hearings hosted a lot of white politicians and generals, most of them Afrikaners. This made it out as if the Afrikaners had done it all and drove a wedge between them and the other whites because of the horrifying nature of their deeds. The net result was the breakup of the whites into many disparate groups who are fighting a losing battle for survival, but who are unwilling to understand they’re going to need the Afrikaners when the time comes. This isolated the Afrikaners even more and caused them to believe they’re on their own. When you add to it what’s happened on farms, in the AWB and throughout the Boeremag case, what we get is an extremely dangerous case of “divide et impera” that threatens the survival of the Afrikaners and whites in general.

We now return to the Boeremag case and what effect it had on South Africa…  Even though they had not done anything by then, in 1994 they came to the attention of an ambitious SAPS Crime Intelligence cop who was determined to make a success of his deployment to the so-called Rightwing Desk by infiltrating as many groups as possible. In short order he found a man willing to act as informant and proceeded to gather intelligence on who was who and what was what. At first this was merely an operation to get the lay of the land, but it soon developed into an opportunity for a group of white officers in Crime Intelligence to curry favor with the black government. As I stated previously, my recollection of the Boeremag was what the media bombarded us with, and that was the government’s narrative, according to which these guys were a bunch of out of control white supremacists who tried to start a war. This idea stayed in my mind until last week, when I came across an English translation of the affidavit (sworn statement) of the “ambitious SAPS Crime Intelligence cop” I spoke of earlier. In it, the former police captain Deon Loots swears under oath that the story is different. Unsurprisingly, this sworn statement doesn’t form part of the official story and captain Loots appears to be portrayed as an Intelligence handler who lost perspective and became coopted by his assets.

According to him, the original basis for the operation was to collect information on rightwing groups, which was sparse in those days. To that end, he recruited an informant and began to receive intelligence which he passed on to his superiors. At some point, the captain’s colleagues and superiors realized this was an opportunity for all of them to endear themselves to the newly formed democratic regime by creating and presenting a wide-ranging rightwing threat to the existence and security of the South African government. They estimated with a large degree of certainty that they would be rewarded with promotions and budget increases by the grateful government and to that end they proceeded to exceed the parameters of the original operation. After a few strategy meetings, they came up with a plan to engineer an apparent coordination between some rightwing groups through the dissemination of a document that was given in slightly altered form to each group, but when brought together, would form a common basis for an alleged conspiracy. They also coerced informants to incite members of the targeted groups to take a more active role than they had previously, with the aim of turning them from self-defense groups into offensive groups. In that regard, they used existing to push out those who were opposed to such a shift and controlled the climate of the meetings along with the groups’ internal relations. Furthermore, they came up with ideas to attract more action-prone individuals to the groups and keep involved those who still stayed. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they actively encouraged groups’ members to increase the tempo of their planning and activities, then in one instance brought somebody to teach them how to make explosives and even arranged to transport the finished product. In other words, the original intelligence gathering operation had morphed into entrapment, because the Crime Intelligence cops were actively encouraging and soliciting their targets to commit violent criminal acts with the intention of arresting them afterwards. This is illegal and immoral in both the United States and South Africa. As a matter of historical record, one of the factors which contributed to the siege and murder (she was shot by a sniper, which made the eventual charge of manslaughter ridiculous) of Mrs. Weaver at Ruby Ridge, was an ATF informant’s coercion of her husband, Randy Weaver, to sell him two shotguns which were allegedly sawed off shorter than federal firearms law allowed. Considering that Mr. Weaver was neither rich nor a legal expert, the insistence of the informant upon being provided the shotguns altered to that extent when he (the informant) could’ve done it himself after the purchase, amounted to entrapment by soliciting a person to commit a crime. What SAPS Crime Intelligence is alleged by Captain Loots to have done was similar, but far more wide-ranging and harmful, not to mention criminal, for it resulted in the death of one woman, the injury of her husband, the destruction of a mosque and damage to national infrastructure (the railway point which was attacked)- and that wasn’t even the worst of it, for this would later lead to events which caused the horrible deaths of hundreds of people.

Captain Loots paints a horrifying picture in his affidavit. He shows how senior elements in Crime Intelligence conspired to incite right wingers to commit crimes, then coerced their informants and unit members to sign affidavits which purported to be their own testimonies but in fact were manufactured statements designed to bolster the prosecution’s case and advance these officers’ agenda of self-enrichment. Along with the prosecution, they even harassed and intimidated those few who like captain Loots, were trying to back out of what had by then become a legally and morally indefensible operation. Another thing Crime Intelligence did was to arrange and control these groups’ meetings at Commando facilities. This was later used to convince government leaders that rightwing groups were actively trying to attack the government and used the nationwide facilities of the Commando system to coordinate their activities. While this was going on, Crime Intelligence leaders also knew their efforts would not be exposed to the public and the disbandment of the Commandos which resulted, would appear to have been a political decision made by the government leaders for other reasons. This calculation proved to be accurate and was certainly my view until coming across this affidavit last week.

Okay, so the Boeremag guys blew up two or three places, then were rounded up and charged with murder and high treason. The case went on for 11 years, quite strange given the amount of resources the state had during what the general in charge would call Project or Operation Wacko. During that time, defendants would complain they were subjected to hours of Metro FM’s kwaito music being blasted through the prison’s PA system and which they regarded as torture. While the media seemed to make light of this claim, the court agreed with them and forced the prison to stop the practice, but now the defendants had to buy radios for those who wanted to listen to that “music”. Go figure… Then to make things interesting, two of the Boeremag accused escaped from custody and were on the run for at least a month. The articles published after they were recaptured made the SAPS out to be heroes struggling against very clever and fearsome foes. The cops explained how they had tracked them down to a townhouse apartment and had had Special Task Force cops wearing special shoes on the roof of the apartment to keep them under surveillance for a whole night, until they eventually burst in while the suspects were sleeping.

What former captain Loots had to say about that incident was quite interesting. According to him, the police’s Crime Intelligence knew that whole month where the escapees were and had them under surveillance by the Special Task Force the entire time. Crime Intelligence then arranged for the townhouse complex apartment to be rented for them, then had an informant transport the escapees to the place which by then was furnished and stocked with food. Given that escaping from custody is a crime and the offence was committed every day they were on the run, this raises the question of why they were allowed to remain free for that period, and why they were lured to that apartment considering it increased the risk of collateral damage. It also makes a lie of the police’s alleged valiant efforts and dedication to law and order while painting the whole situation as a theater piece aimed at manipulating the government and public. In the end, the two men were caught and returned to custody, where further unlawful escape from custody and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition charges were added. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. Former captain Loots goes on to claim that Crime Intelligence leaders made repeated and determined efforts to secure the judge’s permission to bug the meeting facilities used by defense lawyers to confer with their clients as well as the courtroom. Apparently the judge refused point-blank to authorize such bugging and it is further alleged that Crime Intelligence then purchased top of the range audio-video surveillance equipment from the United States and through at least one asset in the prison, proceeded to bug everything ranging from the suspects’ communication lines to conference rooms where they met their attorneys. This was and is against the law, since attorney-client privilege is supposed to be an inviolate principle of law and legal procedure. However, this apparently did not deter Crime Intelligence one iota and the information which emanated from those sources was allegedly passed on to the prosecution team, which used it to illegal and devastating effect against the accused, while it was attempting to prevent captain Loots from attending the trial or to provide information to the defense team.

In the end, Captain Loots found himself on the verge of losing his mind due to the pressures he was under as well as the moral and legal problems his continued silence posed. He was forced to leave his job due to mental health reasons and the Boeremag members were nailed to the biggest, baddest crosses the South African government could find, and on them they rot to this day.

To many the sworn affidavit of Deon Loots would appear to be the ravings of a malcontent junior officer in the SAPS Crime Intelligence. Not to me. I have first-hand knowledge of a similar case, in which the South African army and Military Intelligence used their power against a man who tried to prevent the deaths which resulted from the perilous decline in the SANDF’s capabilities and resources. While what this man endured was far less than the long term manipulations and pressures Crime Intelligence is alleged to have used on the Boeremag members, there are a lot of similarities in the nature of pressures, defamation of character campaigns and official indifference along with denial of the veracity of claims which run contrary to the government’s narrative. I find the testimony of former captain Loots to be credible. It follows a logical path, provides explanations which back up his narrative and I believe the overwhelming amount of information makes it impossible for one man to concoct and maintain such fiction in the face of an investigation. Well, such an investigation likely never happened or was a whitewash, if what I know of South African Intelligence modus operandi is anything to go by.

At the same time, this man’s agony-riddled testimony paints a disturbing picture of what happens when there’s inadequate control over and oversight of intelligence structures and the effects such activities can and often do have upon the unsuspecting population these people are sworn to protect. I say this because if the captain’s testimony is true, then the farm murders which have been happening since 2003 can be laid squarely at the feet and upon the consciences of these members of Crime Intelligence, because their machinations led to the disbandment of the Commandos and subsequent exposure of farmers and their workers to the savage and murderous elements who have been targeting them far more successfully ever since. Just going by the results of what I call “the SAPS annual creative writing competition” (crime statistics), this means the Crime Intelligence spooks who were involved in Project or Operation Wacko are responsible for enabling the commission of at least 705 farm murders since 2003. Considering the overwhelming majority of these policemen and -women are Afrikaners and that their self-serving actions led to the deaths of Afrikaners, this is not only high treason against South Africa, but treason against the Afrikaner people. For those who are interested, the English translation of former captain Deon Loots’ sworn affidavit can be accessed at

and if you are not put off by a few inconsequential spelling errors, makes for compelling reading.

Dear readers, once again, here’s the truth about race relations in post-apartheid South Africa… The AWB generals whose picture led Part 1 died because their leader, Eugene Terre’Blanche, sent them and the men under their command to Bophutatswana with the aim of stabilizing the situation there a month or so before the 27 April 1994 elections in South Africa. From that day and until his death at the hands of two of his farm workers, Eugene Terre’Blanche was steadfast in his assertion that AWB members were deployed at the request of then-president F.W. de Klerk and supposed to be backed up by the SADF- Bay of Pigs much? Mr. de Klerk has always denied this, but in all honesty I seen no valid reason why the AWB leadership would send white men to stabilize a shitty Bantustan, when it would’ve been more to their taste to just quietly sit on the sidelines with a glass of brandy and Coke while they watched black people kill each other.

In my opinion, Mr. Terre’Blanche was telling the truth and while his people made some serious mistakes in how they acted (you can’t perform COIN and stability operations by shooting the population willy-nilly the way some AWB guys did, as well as expect them to be calm about it afterwards), what happened was nothing but a very shrewd and Machiavellian calculation designed to undermine white people’s trust in Afrikaner self-defense groups, as well as destroy the leadership of such groups and further alienate Afrikaners from the rest of the white population. In the event of a racially motivated civil war igniting in South Africa anytime between now and 2024, this will have a devastating impact, because whites will be widespread sitting ducks bereft of a hard core that will bring them together and ensure they fight for survival successfully. I say this because in the entire history of South Africa, no ethnic group of white people has fought more fiercely and determinedly for the red soil of this country than the Afrikaners, and for sure nobody else lost as many people and suffered the devastating consequences to this day, because the number of Afrikaners would’ve been at least 50% greater if it hadn’t been for the deaths in British concentration camps and two Anglo-Boer wars.

Here’s another truth you will not find in the so-called mainstream media- white South Africans and Afrikaners in particular face daily abuses at the hands of the black majority. The aim of this campaign seems to be the dispossession of whites and their destruction as a people in this country. During my brief time in the South African army, I was repeatedly a witness to countless provocations the whites and especially Afrikaners endured, not one of them justified. This was mostly done by black members of the SANDF and often supported by morally bankrupt, ambitious and traitorous white (usually Afrikaner) officers who did nothing to the perpetrators and more often than not denied support to the victimized whites. I saw how the Afrikaners endured all of this stoically and eventually, when I couldn’t take anymore, I stood up and threatened with death any member of my platoon who ever again messed with my Afrikaner friend. I couldn’t defend everybody, but I was the only one to do even this, and that’s a fact. Another fact is that the incessant loud playing of kwaito and gangsta rap happens and it has indeed been used to provoke uncontrolled outbursts by white people who could no longer endure it, after which the whites were accused of racism and other such nonsense, when in fact it was the blacks who were the racists. This is nothing when one compares it to what’s being said and done to white people. For years now, racist civil servants and politicians have been driving an increasingly public anti-white campaign with near-complete impunity. Public incitement to commit murder and rob white people is regularly carried out by black politicians, of whom Julius Malema is but one example. He did this when he was leader of the ANC Youth League, often singing Dubula iBhulu (Kill the Boer) and he was never punished. As a matter of fact, he was defended, with the senior leadership fo the ANC saying he was merely singing “traditional” or “struggle songs”. What the hell, the guy was publicly advocating genocide against an ethnic group, not singing about the struggle to buy cows for lobola! The only time when the ANC disciplined him was when he said that it was high time for “regime change” in Botswana. Later, he went on to found the Economic Freedom Fighters, a party whose central agenda is to nationalize the property, banks and means of production in white people’s hands without compensation and if necessary, by force. What this portends requires little imagination in a country rife with poverty, plagued by the social and economic consequences of apartheid and corruption in the democratic government on an almost epic scale, where that same government is in dire need of scapegoats to avoid the devastating backlash they’re going to suffer at the hands of tens of millions of people they’ve lied to and stolen from over the last 23 years. This is the way it is, and “serious” foreign and South African newspapers or investigative programs won’t tell you any of it. It is the truth I know, the truth I’ve seen and continue to see. I wrote this. The facts are what they are and the analysis is mine. Whatever errors it may contain are mine and mine alone, but I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. As Bruce Springsteen sang, “There’s a pale horse coming, and I’m gonna ride it. I ride in the morning, my fate decided.” God, I fervently hope I’m wrong.

Mircea Negres

Port Elizabeth

South Africa