by Billy Roper

Former Charleston, South Carolina native Dylann Roof has filed a new court appeal, not apologizing for his actions, nor saying that he was wrong, but as he says, to buy time until he can be rescued from execution when America balkanizes and the current anti-White government no longer has power over him. I think somebody has been spending their time in confinement reading ‘The Balk’.

“With the passage of time, Roof said, he expected white supremacists to take over the U.S. within several years, pardon him for the killings and make him governor of South Carolina.

“He has no intention of waiving his appeals because this will give enough time for the world to turn upside down,” defense attorney David Bruck said, according to a court transcript.”

I think that, at 23, he may be a bit young to be named governor of a state. Perhaps a state legislator, to start off with. Of course, things will probably be so muddled in the first couple of years after America goes down that I won’t be the one deciding South Carolina’s governance at that level. No, I’ll be too busy administrating Arkansas.

But let me speak for a moment about the interstate commerce clause which Roof correctly points out was used in his trial to give the Federal government jurisdiction. The government claims that because the ammunition and firearm he used were produced out of state, their use affects interstate commerce, so the Federal government can swoop in and take over from the state. This is the same ruse which ZOG used back in the 1960s to forcibly racially integrate private cafes and restaurants, by saying that if a single sugar packet in a restaurant came from outside of the state, the business transpired there affected interstate commerce, so it came under a Federal jurisdiction. Naturally, the owners of the restaurant couldn’t decide who to serve or where or how to serve them, that was to be decided in Washington, D.C., right?

I guess if somebody stripped off their Bangladeshi made underwear and Chinese manufactured tennis shoes and ran buck-naked with a locally grown and organic pointy stick into a mosque to clean things out, they’d better first make sure that the fillings in their teeth weren’t mixed in New Jersey. That’s how insidious, manipulative, and downright slimy the Federal government is about using the interstate commerce clause to gain jurisdiction over anything and everything. Not that their authoritarian oppression and overreach will be successful in holding things together indefinitely. Dylann is right. It’s going down. Until then, well, my best advice would be to keep filing those delaying appeals, keep reading my books, and…