We’d like to take a moment and personally thank the Communists, Anarchists, and Homosexuals who make up the Redneck Revolt, ESPECIALLY the domestic terrorists who are the Mountain Home John Brown Gun Club. Without their collection of Sodomites and Shitskins, the new and growing alliance of organizations now opposed to them might never have been possible.

We especially want to thank them for helping provide us with a platform for our message. Due to their gutless, limp-wristed theatrics, The ShieldWall Network has more than doubled in size over the last month. Our meeting last weekend in Harrison, the town they initially targeted for intimidation, had 33 attendees. We expect far more, including many supportive locals, to show up at the anti-Antifa rally being led by The League of the South this weekend.

Of course, I doubt that any of the Redneck Revolt, or the Mountain Home John Brown Gun Club, or the Anonymous Underground Arkansas, or the Central Arkansas Antifa carry around enough stones in their purses to show up Saturday. It’s far easier for them to threaten me in three or four different places on line by name, putting my picture and address up and urging people to come after me, than it is to actually stand face to face with their enemy, I know. I hope they DO, though. I’ll even use an extra swish of mouthwash, just for them.