SF radio show, 05-25-17

Hr. 1: Standard Player

Don Black opens today’s show with co-hosts Dr. Patrick Slattery & Father Frances. Father Frances introduces today’s special guest, Billy Roper. Mr. Roper opens by describing his organization: Shield Wall Network. Roper’s organization assists White Nationalists and preppers with mutual aid and assistance and helps promote a positive influence for our cause in White communities.

Roper asks for support on May 27th, this coming Saturday, in Harrison, AR, to counter a possible protest by Antifa, commie, and homosexual anti-Whites, as well as the fringe-led group calling themselves ‘Redneck revolt’, and ‘John Brown gun club’. The counter of those groups will be led by the League of the South.

Join the League of the South, R.G. Miller, and WN’s on 05/27/17 @12 noon at the Harrison, AR, courthouse, IF Antifa shows up. If they do not show, meet at the JC Penny’s parking lot at 12 noon.

Anti-Whites have scheduled a gay pride march in Harrison, AR, Harrison having been designated as a pro-White community. The march will take place 06-24-17. Billy Roper, Shield Wall Network, and Thomas Robb will be leading a counter-protest. Come and give fellow WN’s your support. You can email Billy Roper at roper_billy@yahoo.com or check out The ShieldWall Network | Community Grassroots Patriotic Outreach and Organization or The Roper Report for more information.

Caller David from PA asks the panel about funding for the US/Mexico wall. Panel discusses.

Caller Bob questions Trump’s pick for FBI director, panel informs him Lieberman is now out of the running. Panel discusses Trump’s self destructive tendencies.

Caller Steven from TN asks for a repeat of Harrison, AR, event dates and inquires about this year’s SF Conference registration.