Police believe the same man who killed a woman near the Texas Christian University campus in April also killed the woman who disappeared from the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano.

Reginald Gerard Kimbro, 23, has been charged with capital murder for 36-year-old Megan Getrum’s death.

Getrum’s body was later found dumped in Lake Ray Hubbard in Dallas. An autopsy found she had been beaten, choked and raped, and she was likely unconscious but still alive when she was dumped in the lake.

Vehicle registration records led police to Kimbro, who was also accused of raping and strangling 22-year-old Molly Matheson in Fort Worth on April 10. Plano police were able to link DNA evidence from both Getrum’s body and Matheson’s body to Kimbro.

Court records show he is also the suspect in two past sexual assault cases — one that happened in Plano in 2012 and another in South Padre Island in 2014. Neither case was prosecuted.


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