by Billy Roper

The Anti-AntiFa rally being led by The League of the South in Harrison, Arkansas, tomorrow, is shaping up to be a unifying event for Nationalists, regardless of whether or in how many numbers the Antifa show their dirty masked faces. The event is being supported by The ShieldWall Network, White Lives Matter, and members of The Knights Party, as well as independent patriots and unaffiliated local citizens. Some supporters are driving in from adjoining states to take part, as well.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the Mountain Home John Brown Gun Club Redneck Revolt group is discussing starting new chapters in Hot Springs and elsewhere throughout the state, and the Central Arkansas Antifa are talking about throwing molotov cocktails at police and attacking Nationalists to break bones, HERE, right under the picture they put up of me.

Yep, see you tomorrow, fags.