A leader of the cuckservative Civic Nationalist group ‘American Warrior Revolution’, a multiracial organization which seeks unity and dialogue with Antifa and Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists, has now threatened the League of the South and its leader, a gentleman of some years named Dr. Michael Hill.

The League of the South are my allies. Dr. Michael Hill is a leader and patriot worthy of immense respect and admiration. By threatening him and the League, Thomas Hughie Baxter has made enemies whom he doesn’t even begin to comprehend the ferocity and ruthlessness of.

My advice to Mr. Baxter would be to pray about his decision, then publicly apologize, and officially retire from any form of political activism. In fact, in order to avoid the kind of unpleasantness which might lead to further communication of a manner which he will find not at all ambiguous, he should make his last official act in the American Warrior Revolution be its disbandment. But remember, his first act should be one of prayer. We’ll be waiting, and watching.