Posted on the Shield Maidens website.

There is a way of battle. In the end the shield walls must meet and the slaughter will begin and one side will prevail and the other will be beaten down in a welter of butchery, but before the blades clash and before the shields crash, men must summon the nerve to make the charge. The two sides stare at each other, they taunt and insult each other. The young fools of each army will prance ahead of the wall and challenge their enemy to single combat, they will boast of the widows they plan to make and of the orphans who will weep for their fathers’ deaths. And the young fools fight and half of them will die, and the other half strut their bloody victory, but there is still no true victory because the shield walls have not met. And still the waiting goes on. Some men vomit with fear, others sing, some pray, but then at last one side will advance. It is usually a slow advance. Men crouch behind their shields, knowing that spears, axes and arrows will greet them before the shields slam together, and only when they are close, really close, does the attacker charge. Then there is a great bellow of noise, a roar of anger and fear, and the shields meet like thunder and the big blades fall and the swords stab and the shrieks fill the sky as the two shield walls fight to the death. That is the way of battle. –


To all of our men who have summoned the courage to stand together against the enemy and unite for the good of our people, tomorrow in Harrison, Arkansas, I say, Thank You.

Thank you for standing up for our race, our women, and our children.

Thank you for standing up for our men as well, men who are not able to physically stand with you but are with you in spirit.

Thank You for putting yourself out on the front lines, not knowing what the outcome will be.

Thank You for being the warriors and role models our children can look up to, and our women can respect.


No matter the outcome tomorrow, be safe, be aware, and above all else, be PROUD. You will succeed because you showed up and showed the world that our men are warriors who will not be silenced and they will not cower and run away from degeneracy.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing Up instead of standing by.


All my respect 💜


Tina Roper