Several dozen Nationalists came out to send a strong message to our people’s enemies at the May 27th hugely successful Harrison, Arkansas Anti-Antifa Rally, led by RG Miller, the Arkansas state leader of the League of the South, and supported by The ShieldWall Network, The Knights Party, and White Lives Matter. Four different organizations and 61 men, women, and children stood together with one united purpose against the threatened invasion of Harrison by the Communist Mountain Home John Brown Gun Club Redneck Revolt domestic terrorists. The support we received from the local community and the police was phenomenal, and the Communists showed their true mettle by chickening out. Despite that small disappointment, a great day was still had by all and many bridges built between different organizations and patriots. After the rally, around one hundred patriots and their supporters enjoyed a private barbecue and fellowship together for the remainder of the day. Congratulations to Mr. Miller for achieving such a victory for our people!