by Cantankerous Ordo
On May 27th, pro-Whites made their presence felt in Harrison with a public display of strength. The Anti-White domestic terrorists from Redneck Revolt were no-shows; if any White Anti-Whites or Feds were present, they were only collecting intel on us. Only a single car full of people were even flipping us the bird and calling us “racists,” an Anti-White hate slur for White People. It is an auspicious way to sound the coming of the new season as things start heating up in the streets.
After the event, we were all treated to some Southern Hospitality at a cookout hosted by RG Miller, the regional leader of the Arkansas Chapter of the League of the South. It was an occasion of merriment and casual banter between the attendees who represented different organizations which took part in the demonstration. Some attendees who didn’t make plans for a sleepover were forced into flight early by a literal stormfront, lest they be caught driving in the very worst of the storm activity.
June 24th will be the Battle of Harrison, the date picked by the Anti-White Empire to try and strike back at the resourceful Rebel Alliance of pro-Whites. This is going to be a big step up from the peaceful and unopposed event held on May 27th. Many of us are still new to the game of public protesting, and some of us have never been face to face with savages who have their genocidal Anti-White freak caps glued to their heads 24/7. This is going to be a battle that tests us all – not only our courage and strength, but also our resolve and endurance.
Now would be a good time to start thinking about props that we could fashion ourselves for a dramatic effect as we’re raising our army to oppose the Anti-Whites on the 24th of June. Maybe a psychedelic theme of flowers with swastikas in their design? Maybe some National Alliance “Life Runes?” Let’s use our imagination and be creative. And remember, anyone who doesn’t stand with us, stands with Anti-Whites.